The ‘C’ Word

I found out today one of the moles on my back went…well, south. Which in the end is not a huge deal except it’s attached to the ‘c’ word that bring fear and dread into most people’s minds.

Especially my children.

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Because this mole has already been removed, and treatment for said ‘c’ word will only be another procedure to clean up a few more millimeters of skin around where the mole used to be…my husband and I have decided not to tell the kids Mom has cancer.

Mom has cancer.

Jesus. Could that sound worse?

Sure they will find out someday, but by then visits to the hospital from the entire Spring, Summer, and Fall of Lupus 2010 will be long gone. And they won’t need 300 more rounds of therapy to get over their fear of Mom dying. We won’t order another stuffed toy to commemorate this surgery, nor will we discuss it at length so they understand what will happen before, after, and during.

Nope. This time, we’re staying quiet.

Call me a liar, tell me I’m hiding things from them. I don’t really care. They just do not need to be bothered with this minor annoyance right now, and because we trust the doctor, there is absolutely nothing for them to worry about.

My kids have been through a surgery where no one, not even the doctors knew what they were looking for, a surgery to remove my colon and gall bladder, and a surgery to remove my uterus, ovaries, and cervix, and countless hospital stays in-between emergency and otherwise. They do NOT need to know that in January my back will have a few more stitches that will take all of three minutes with a numbing shot.

They have been through enough. And to hell with anyone who thinks otherwise.

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  1. My husband had a Stage 0 Melanoma removed from his chest (three operations, because they didn’t get a clear margin the first two times) and we never even considered telling our kids. And they are older than yours. Do what works for you. Best of luck.

  2. Girl I am right there with you, I would not tell my kids anything either! Here is to good wishes for 2011!
    .-= Stephanie┬┤s last blog ..20 inches of Rainin 4 Days =-.

  3. Screw cancer. I hope that it goes well and it goes away and you never have to tell them.

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