Detroit Won the Super Bowl…Unless You’re a Jerk

Who knew pulling together to get our country back to work could cause so much arguing?

Things I heard tonight after Chrysler ran it’s ‘Imported From Detroit’ commercial during the Super Bowl:

It was an Obama ad.

They are owned by Italians who hate Americans.

They are owned by foreigners who called paying back the ‘bailout’ rude.

It’s halftime for Obama, not America.

Clint Eastwood isn’t a real Republican, he’s ┬áRINO who likes the gays.

It was an Obama ad.

Personally, I don’t really care which side of the aisle you are on, if you are rooting for Detroit to fail, for the auto industry to fail, for people to lose more jobs, for Americans to be out of work, or for Americans to NOT pull together to make our country great again…then you can #suckit.




  1. I honestly didn’t see anything political about this ad. It’s really just Chrysler trying to show how far they’ve come all while giving America a pep talk. It’s a good way to make people feel proud about buying your product. When people buy it they’ll feel like they’re actually helping America.

  2. Best comment at the party I was at was “wait, is that Matthew Broderick? He looks old.”

    And, from me, “huh, Detroit has a flag?”

    And someone who walked in at the end, “they made a Gran Torino II?!?”

  3. I still can NOT believe something with such a simple message ‘pulling together’ to make America WORK was controversial. Ugh. It hurts my heart.

  4. This commercial gave me chills. I loved every second of it…and Clint can give a “win one for the Gipper” speech anytime. Amazing.

  5. I actually thought it was a Republican commercial at first, before it became more obviously what it actually was.

  6. I love Clint Eastwood telling everyone this was a NON political ad and that people who saw anything remotely political in it are insane … love love love it

  7. If people are rooting Detroit to fail Erin, they’re rooting for your family and my family and our friends and our friends’ friends to fail….stupid people suck.

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