Happy Anniversary.

12 years - 8-19-00

I’d like the next 12 to be filled with more laughter, love, and just plain old fun.

12 years!!!!


  1. Happy Anniversary! We celebrated 12 this year as well…here’s to many more love- and laughter-filled years <3

  2. Happy Anniversary! Those pics are great. Here’s to the next 12!

  3. Awwwwww congrats!!!!!

  4. I don’t think I’ve seen Aaron in a suit before. Looks good. Happy anniversary to your ever expanding family.

  5. Mazal Tov – wishing you MANY more happy & (please God, please God) healthy years together! xoxo <3

  6. thank you all … and Gena… the boy don’t wear a suit often!!! In fact, they usually gather dust in the closet.

  7. Happy Anniversary to you both. What a beautiful testament to true love you both have shown all of us over the past couple of years. May your marriage be blessed with much more laughter and happiness.

  8. More laughter, more love and continued strides toward managing your health are my wishes for you.

  9. We celebrate 12 this year too! May you have enjoy continued happiness and laughter!

  10. Uh enjoy.. Not “have enjoy”.

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