I know we joke about it from time to time at our house, but recent events are actually making me consider sending my seven-year old to a convent.

Stop laughing.

Somewhere in Florida my mom is cackling.

As if it weren’t bad enough that my darling daughter was embarrassed to have me take her and pick her up from a friend’s birthday party this past weekend, she also has decided I know NOTHING about fashion, and she knows everything.

I hear this ‘knows everything’ thing gets worse with time, by the way.

You see she actually needed jeans for horseback riding and new boots. So we began the hunt long ago, with me picking out what I thought were some really cute and damn cool boots.

Apparently whatever I think is cute and damn cool is just the opposite.

So she picked out her own, with me zipping my mouth shut tight. Ok, maybe I didn’t zip that tight. I TOLD¬†her the pointy ones would pinch her toes. She didn’t care.

I told her how dusty and dirty the black pair would get while riding on the ranch and wouldn’t ¬†brown make more sense?

…bad move Mom. You know what that wins you? That wins you a daughter who orders EVERYTHING in black.

#allhailhala wants to ride today cc: @aaronvest

Like I said…CONVENT. Anyone know a good one?


  1. Yup, that’s what you get. The minute you said not black — MUST GET ALL THE THINGS IN BLACK. (She’ll probably never ever complain once the shoes pinch the hell out of her toes, too).

  2. I am guessing your mom is doing a bit more than cackling… So fun to watch children start etching out their fashion identities. I think with girls it is a bit different, they have more options. Also, to make sure they are being guided to not want to ‘show off’ their bodies for attention. She looks pretty darn adorable and sassy. And the best lesson to be learned from all of this. She is going to hate cleaning the dust off of those boots.

    I hope treatment goes well next week. I will be thinking about you on Monday. My mom starts chemo next week as well.

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