I’ll be watching the inauguration

I feel the anger. I feel the frustration.

I also feel the wheels of history and democracy turning.

I’ll be watching the inauguration. I’m not going to boycott because my gal lost. I’m not going to refuse to watch out of spite.

I’m going to watch history church on and on. I’m going to watch the transition of power continue, as it has.

I’m going to fight from the inside to keep ACA aka Obamacare stay. I want millions of people to keep their insurance. I’m going to fight to keep abortion safe and legal.

I’m going to fight for my son and daughter to marry whomever they choose.

I refuse to fight in the street, or fight in random marches.

I’m going to fight with legislation. I’m going to fight to bills, laws, hours and hours of committees and bipartisan hard work.

It’s time to work hard, not give in. It’s time to dig deep, not slap some paint on a sign and hope someone sees it.

Victory is won when bills get signed.


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    I’ll be watching the inauguration

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