Martinis, Pills, Deviled Eggs, and Lies

I expect nothing less from a former Rodeo Beauty Queen.

Cindy McCain is doing her Stepford wife, affluent roots damn proud.

In what can only be seen as propaganda, the McCain campaign put up a cutesy little blurb on their website called “Cindy’s Recipes.” Once again not realizing voters have brains, it was quickly noticed these so-called Cindy family favorites (that she must whip up between doing her nails and battling her pill addiction) were stolen from the Food Network.

Because as you know, those of us just dying to use Cindy’s McCain’s recipes at our next family gathering can’t possibly be the same demographic watching the Food Network.

There is a part of me that would love to go on and on and be snarky about Cindy’s pill popping, how she got nailed for stealing from her own charity, etc. But let’s face it-we all have demons. Do hers seem to fit the Stepford profile of coiffed trophy wife who aided in the demise of a marriage? – sure, but what I find more disturbing is the pandering.

Running against two candidates battling it out over who is more ‘down to earth’ and ‘not elitist’ the McCain campaign just tried to soften Cindy’s millionaire background by giving us recipes.

No really. They think we are THAT stupid.

Oh, well, she cooks! She must understand what it’s like to get dinner ready when you have a toddler at your heels and a preschooler screaming for Spongebob and a husband working overtime again so you can pay the mortgage. She MUST be one of us if she has all those RECIPES.

Even if those recipes had not been lifted from Rachel Ray and others, we’re not stupid enough to believe Cindy is anything other than the daughter of a millionaire, beauty queen, recovering pill addict who avoided prosecution on drug charges by entering a federal diversion program.

I’m going to go make tuna noodle casserole, then run my vacuum cleaner, then maybe get out of my sweatpants before cleaning up the cat litter. I’m going to call my NONmillionaire Dad who’s struggling with health insurance. Then I’m going to log onto my notebook and keep an eye on the McCain camp.

We’re watching, and you are fooling no one.

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Elitist My Ass

It has been awhile since I’ve been back to my hometown near Detroit, Michigan. I took the kids there in early 2007; the cold and unemployment were a stark reminder of why I left.

The abandoned buildings. For Sale signs. The way the road goes from smooth to bumpy when you cross the state line. Boarded up windows, failed ‘revitalization’ efforts. Friends laid off. Friends looking for work. Friends moving to get work. Family leaving, family staying, family commuting to other states for part-time jobs and part-time pay.

Make no mistake, I LOVE my hometown. I LOVE the Midwest. I think anyone and everyone should live and work and grow in these cities and towns-but understand when I tell you that Senator Barack Obama is DEAD ON when he talks about the bitterness of residents.

Are you hearing me?

This former Midwest girl is telling you Obama is not being ‘elite’ or ‘out of touch’ –he could NOT be MORE in touch. He’s LISTENING and understanding that many of us who moved away and many of us that stayed are angry, frustrated, disappointed, disillusioned, and UNEMPLOYED.

In what world do Obama’s remarks constitute ‘looking down on’? I’m sorry, Senator Clinton-but are you HIGH? I am watching you right now, speaking in Indiana on CNN, and you are ‘somewhat taken aback’ by what Senator Obama said. Are you unaware that when life is as bad as it can possibly be, people turn to religion? Are you unaware that frustrated individuals tend to take up arms when they feel their very well being threatened by their surroundings?

Senator Clinton, let me be as clear as I possibly can here:

Barack Obama is giving voice to millions of us by speaking the TRUTH. He’s simply vocalizing exactly what I hear from my Uncle, from my High School friend, from my former teacher, from my now re-located parents. He is speaking about what he’s heard, what he’s been told, what he has seen.

Senator Obama’s remarks reminds me yet again that he is one of us. He GETS IT. He knows that I LEFT Detroit. I AM BITTER. I AM PISSED OFF. THERE ARE NO JOBS IN MY HOMETOWN. I couldn’t move my family back there if I WANTED TO.

When I do take trips back home it is depressing. My husband NEVER wants to visit because he can’t stand how dejected everyone is and how run down the whole place seems. Are there some amazing neighborhoods and jobs-of course. Is it horrible everywhere-of course not. Is it worse there than in many other places in the US-damn right.

Do you think I like living 3-thousand miles away from my family and friends? Do you think it’s fun for me to watch everyone I know get laid off, go into bankruptcy, lose their house, work two low paying jobs, move into their parents home? Do you think I am NOT bitter about any of this?

Spin it. Go ahead. Talk about how those remarks make him seem elite and condescending. It is so absurd that it only confirms for me that you and Senator McCain are COMPLETELY OUT OF TOUCH with what REAL Americans think and do and want.

I would suggest, however, that you take your rhetoric elsewhere. Because the more you yap about Obama being ‘elite’ -while he’s talking about how we really feel and you’re releasing 109 Million dollar tax returns- the more stupid you look.

John McCain Inspired My Husband to Blog

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How did he do it? By allegedly calling his wife a cunt.

Please don’t be surprised that an ex-POW would be ‘mean’ to a woman or have some temper issues.

As for Cindy McCain…other than looking like the perfect Stepford wife while standing next to him on stage, I don’t know much about her. Maybe she likes being called a cunt? Maybe under all that hairspray and makeup she’s some sex freak who gets off on being berated in public? Maybe she’s secretly plotting to publicly call her husband an asshole during his next big speech? Either way, I’m going to guess husband and wife name-calling occurs on SOME level in the McCain household. Maybe it doesn’t. All I know is the whole story had my husband writing.

MOMocrats, meet DADocrat Aaron Vest:

There’s a new dust up on the campaign trail for the McCain camp. You’ve probably already heard about the new book by Cliff Schecter, “The Real McCain”. In the book Schecter writes:

“Three reporters from Arizona, on the condition of anonymity, also let me in on another incident involving McCain’s intemperateness. In his 1992 Senate bid, McCain was joined on the campaign trail by his wife, Cindy, as well as campaign aide Doug Cole and consultant Wes Gullett. At one point, Cindy playfully twirled McCain’s hair and said, “You’re getting a little thin up there.” McCain’s face reddened, and he responded, “At least I don’t plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you cunt.” McCain’s excuse was that it had been a long day. If elected president of the United States, McCain would have many long days.”

And the outrage ensues.

Feminists are outraged by the use of the word cunt. The Morally Correct simply don’t like curse words at all, especially words like cunt. And many other people are just scared that McCain could take his notorious temper into White House and start hammering away at the button with his fist, red faced jowels flapping around wildly in the wind, while screaming “Ahmadinejad is a cunt!” People believe this could happen. They do. They really really do. And they are outraged. As a side note, I think it’s rather ironic that people would be “outraged” by his temper. But anyway…

I, for one, think that we should take a step back and give McCain the benefit of the doubt on this one. We may know about his voting record. We may know about his policies. We do know all about his heroics as POW. But what we don’t know very much about is Cindy McCain. It’s quite possible that she really is a cunt. And a big one at that. Have you ever spent a really long hard day with a really big cunt? It’d piss you off too. Especially if the cunt started making fun of your male pattern baldness.

This raises a serious question, how could he have not known she was a cunt before committing to her? Did he just assume that heck, he can just easily make her stop being a cunt just because he married her? Was his best man telling him he’d be able to do it in less than a year at almost no cost? Did McCain know the history of her family? I bet he’d feel pretty silly to find out now that there is a long history of being a cunt in her family. After he discovered he couldn’t get her to stop being a cunt he probably wished he had an exit strategy for the marriage. Or at least a pre-nup. Maybe he just planned on being married to her for 100 more years, or however long it took. Who knows really?

So while I’m perfectly willing to accept John McCain’s assessment that he married a cunt, I think that says more about his judgment than anything else. Honestly, I think the last thing we need right now is another cunt in the White House.

…Oh stop it Hillary supporters, I wasn’t talking to you.

Erin Kotecki Vest writes at her husband usually doesn’t write anywhere

Can’t Be Any More Bizzare Than My Panty Drawer

The chairman of Senator Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Terry McAuliffe was photographed in a rather odd way this weekend. I’m confused. And shaking my head. And wondering if he just didn’t NOTICE he was holding an Obama sign each time, or if he was being SUPER polite? This from the guy who is on my TV daily spouting vitriol. Weird.

Just as weird? A short vid I shot last week when my in-laws were here, given new life over at Utterz by either pervs or other Moms who’s panties are in the same, sad, shape. Why doesn’t Victoria’s Secret send me any PR e-mail?

The Story I Didn’t Tell You

On Super Tuesday, February 5th 2008, I drove to Central Los Angeles (with pneumonia) and interviewed Congresswoman Maxine Waters for

During the course of the interview we discussed why she was supporting Senator Hillary Clinton and I shared with her the story of my very stubborn grandfather who, no joke here, thought I would grow up and be a ‘fine secretary’ one day. I thought it was an important point to make; a 90-year old man with some very ‘traditional’ ideas was going to vote for a woman. I’d like to think it meant progress.

What I didn’t tell the viewer, or the Congresswoman, was that in the same breathe my grandfather championed Hillary, he called Senator Obama (and I’m paraphrasing) slimy like that Jesse Jackson and a typical black politician. Mind you all of this information came to me through my Dad, who I am guessing censored.

While a 90-year old, former Chrysler worker, blue-collar, union, grandfather being racist may not be all that shocking, what happened in my mind is – I just shrugged it off and accepted it as life.

In my mind, I filed it in the ‘some people are just like that’ category and moved on.

Now I’m not saying I was going to give my grandfather a call and lecture him, as he is not always very clear on thought these days, but I could have at least processed the gravity of what I had just witnessed.

My grandfather let go of sexism (sort of) before he let go of his racism.

I say ‘sort of’ because I can’t seem to shake conversations I’ve had over the years. The ones where he would be proud to the point of playing tapes for his friends of my radio news days, yet convinced I should be having more than two children.

I’m also very used to racism in my own family. My childhood memories are littered with my uncle screaming N***** RUN! at the tv while watching football. My cousin knew she was being a rebel by putting a poster of Michael Jordan on her bedroom wall.

As I watch the race issue continue to unfold in this election, I wonder how many more grandfathers and uncles are out there. The ones who would congratulate me on ‘marrying well’ and then decide voting for a woman was a much better option than voting for a black man.

I don’t have the knowledge or the expertise to go into all the reasons why these things are the way they are, but I am watching poll numbers for Senator Obama dip since the Wright flap. It’s beyond discouraging. It leaves me without much pride for this nation. It is starting to make me very angry that it matters.

God Damn America, indeed.

There. I said it. Let’s see the outrage. Let’s see the hate. Tell me how unpatriotic I am and how I’m evil.

Let me say it louder


Prove me wrong. Show me you’re not a bunch of racist idiots.

Don’t let them fool you-the Rev. Wright fiasco is ENTIRELY about race.

How many of you have been to a black church? Show of hands please. How many of you know or even TRY to know the reasons for anything that *may* happen inside a black congregation? How many of you have seen or read the ENTIRE sermon?

I am not an African-American. I am not a minority. I do not even pretend to know the experience. But at the very least I have attempted to educate myself. At the very least I have stepped outside of my safe suburb and stood at First AME in Los Angeles.

Rev. Chip Murray, who has since retired, was one of the most inspirational men I have EVER met in my life. I have struggled with religion since I was a child and I can honestly say the ONLY person who ever came close to bringing me to God was a black preacher in Los Angeles.

That particular church had members doing and saying exactly the words of Rev. Wright and this white girl was always welcome in those doors. Welcomed with hugs and kisses and invitations to picnics after services.

In the end I have to believe that if my 90-year old grandfather can make just enough progress to vote for a woman, the rest of you-who have far longer lives ahead of you and far more clear thoughts left, can go all the way and make enough progress to vote for a person of color.

It is time. Hell, even Dave Winer admits he’s racist and voting for Obama.

The discussions are happening. Be real. Get yourself involved in them. Talk about it, write about it, be honest about it ALL.

It is time for this nation to get over this, or at the very least make an honest effort to try. You can’t do that if you’re afraid to ask or to speak up or to learn.

If not, we are a damned America, for certain.

Obama Mama

I’m fairly certain I have read this New York Times article on Barack Obama’s mother, the late Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro, no less than five times.

I’m the first to admit my own path in motherhood is rocky. Rocky isn’t the right word…it’s been more like pebbles here and there, some big ass rocks, and every once in awhile the giant boulder that chases me ala Indiana Jones. Then I read something like this, and I’m stopped dead in my tracks.

‘…She gave us a very broad understanding of the world,’ her daughter said. ‘She hated bigotry. She was very determined to be remembered for a life of service and thought that service was really the true measure of a life.’ Many of her friends see her legacy in Mr. Obama — in his self-assurance and drive, his boundary bridging, even his apparent comfort with strong women. Some say she changed them, too.

‘I feel she taught me how to live,’ said Ms. Nayar, who was in her 20s when she met Ms. Soetoro at Women’s World Banking. ‘She was not particularly concerned about what society would say about working women, single women, women marrying outside their culture, women who were fearless and who dreamed big..’

‘…She was a very, very big thinker,’ said Nancy Barry, a former president of Women’s World Banking, an international network of microfinance providers, where Ms. Soetoro worked in New York City in the early 1990s. ‘I think she was not at all personally ambitious, I think she cared about the core issues, and I think she was not afraid to speak truth to power.’”

It is no secret I am impressed with Barack Obama, but I’m even more impressed with his mother. The insight into Ms. Soetoro’s life has given me that final piece of the puzzle, explaining the affection and admiration I have for this Presidential candidate.

As a version of that idealist young woman, living in a very segregated hometown, I was branded time and time again.








N***** Lover



None of them were meant to be compliments. All of them confused me greatly. My views were always very global and always very strong. I yearned to enact change and I found writing to be my one source of power.

The story of Ms. Soetoro, traveling to Indonesia, befriending the locals to aid…to be more and do more and to help more WHILE raising children and striving to be the best mother possible…ugh, it’s twisting my heart in knots.

I want to do that. I want to be that. I want to find the energy and drive to wake up at 4am and tutor my children before a day of work.

Yet I don’t.

Watching what has been happening in this country, seeing the change in attitude, in belief, in (dare I say it) hope-makes me want to be better at this Mom thing. It’s so stupid to say, because I say it all the time, but I really want to try harder at this MOM role.

If I can instill that in my daughter, my son-the ideas and the emotion and the core being that makes them a leader…I must.

I must, yet tomorrow I will half pay attention to them while they ask to play hide and seek for the 5th time and want yet another cookie.

I must, yet tomorrow I will yearn to read blogs and chat online with friends while I bathe their little bodies and put away their tiny laundry.

I must, yet I’ll moan and complain as they wake me early for cereal and cartoons.

Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro is a reminder to me why I need to do more than ‘must.’ Why I need to remember who I am, where I came from, and why it’s important to be branded by idiots.

Why it is imperative I speak my mind, push my ideas, and ignore the doubt in my head.

It’s very strange having grown up firmly believing I would be the first female president, to happily content in raising the next leader of the free world. That something intangible that takes you from cocky to selfless in a heartbeat.

5-years worth of heartbeats celebrated on the 24th, another 3-years of his sister’s on the 30th and this








N***** Lover



is going to take inspiration and motivation away from the story of a Kansas girl and her son.

Roseanne Barr Can Suck It

Because I like to drop large bombs before I skip town, please enjoy this piece here, at MOMocrats, and at Huffington Post as I board a flight to SXSW in Austin, Texas.

In the grand tradition of having it out with my fellow Huffington Post contributors, I figured it was time I opened my mouth at the latest post by Roseanne Barr.

You see, I’ve actually been biting my tongue on her writing thus far. Her posts have been circulated amongst colleagues and friends with subject lines like “WTF?” and “Roseanne can suck it.

Since I am very pro ‘discussion’ and ‘let’s write about it and talk’ I figured it was only fair I took on the idea of ‘Bow to the Woman‘ here in a public forum where we can all get in on the act.

I get to go first, k?

Hi Rosanne,

I’m Erin.

Like you, I love me some mouthy women. Your gal the Senator, she’s got you snowed. It’s ok, she had me under her spell for a long time too. But understand, she’s not a mouthy woman like you and I are mouthy women. Nope. She’s a power hungry elitist happy to spoon feed you what you want to hear to get your vote. Pure-bred politician. Could that be a plus? Sure. She’s on our side, right? But like many in this country I’m not really into politics as usual anymore. I’ve had it. I’m done. I don’t want the woman who can play the game with the boys, I want the woman who refuses to play the game and blazes her own path.

Senator Clinton is not blazing her own path, she’s doing what all the good old boys have done before her.

Can I just say ‘meh.’

Now onto this business of ‘Bow to the Woman’ and what not. When I first read your post I assumed it was satire. It HAS TO BE SATIRE. Because Roseanne Barr would never write something as offensive as suggesting a black man bow to a white woman…right? She certainly wouldn’t be one of Clinton’s loudest and biggest supporters saying things like, “You can’t fight back dirtier than she can…”

You can’t really be suggesting that right now, as Samantha Power sits jobless…right?

In the event your are, in fact, serious I’d like to introduce you to a few people. Meet my friends.

Let’s start with CityMama and fellow MOMocrat Stefania Pomponi Butler,

“Dear Roseanne Barr,

Forgive me for not being convinced by your argument. I have a hard time taking anyone who picked Tom Arnold for a husband seriously. “Bow to the woman?” This isn’t some sado-masochistic bedroom fantasy we’re playing out here. This is the race for the presidency. It’s not about bowing to a woman, it’s about who is most qualified to lead our country. Who inspires people young and old to get out and vote in record numbers. Who inspires record-breaking donations and moving musical tributes. $55 million raised in February alone. You betchyerass none of those donors want Obama to “bow to the woman.” I am one of those donors and I as long as I haven’t reached my $2300 limit, Barack Obama ain’t going anywhere.

Let our country heal? Please. The person who should be blamed for not letting our country heal is Polarizing (not “Premiere”) Hillary Clinton. She does not represent “the soul of the Democratic party.” Not by a long shot. She represents status quo and entrenched corporate interests. Yes, she is a woman, but she doesn’t represent me. I resent your implication that women are sitting around in their playgroups and coffee klatsches shaking their heads and tsk-tsking over the fact that Barack Obama won’t bow to the woman.

As long as we’re talking voting records, I’d like to know why Hillary hasn’t apologized for her vote for the Iraq War. And as long as we’re talking about bowing down, I’d also like to know why she bowed to George W. Bush’s will and voted for a resolution declaring the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization. Boy, that Soul of the Democratic party sure likes war! When comparing voting records, I’d like to start there.

Somewhere, in a hotel room or on a plane, Clinton advisors are huddled together wondering how they can get Roseanne Barr to STFU. Lead us, Roseanne. Show us how cooperation works: stop painting all women with the same, tired “support Hillary or else” brush. Believe it or not there are women in this country who are capable of voting for the best-qualified candidate, regardless of genitalia. And some of us will have proudly voted for two men (in my case John Edwards and Barack Obama) by the time this race is finished.”

I’d also like you to meet White Trash Mom, Michelle,

“As a card carrying White Trash Mom, it pains me to disagree with you, Roseanne. You put WT Motherhood on the map.

You have a right to your opinion because this is America. But you presume too much by saying that Obama should give up because it’s a losing battle. Or because he can’t fight as dirty as Hillary Clinton. Your ” bow to the woman” is so focused on gender and negativity that it takes away from the remarkable progress that is being made this election year.

This year, a black man and a woman are the front runners because they are the best candidates…the best PEOPLE for the job. We are finally evolving as a country, moving forward to a place where character matters more than gender or race. Since your post mentioned Dr. King, I thought I would too:

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Why not let America decide which candidate has the content of character to be President.

P.S. John McCain, far from being a Nazi, is a former prisoner of war and most liberals LOVE him.

Michael Kinsley’s recent TIME column, “Why Liberals Love McCain”.,9171,1713490,00.html”

Just to mix it up a bit, here is Canadian Meg Fowler,

“I’m a Canadian — I can’t vote in the US election. And if you stop reading there, I don’t blame you.However, only the most geographically naive among us could miss that your country, Dear Americans, is right below mine. So what happens to you — politically, economically, culturally — definitely has an impact on what goes on up here. Sometimes more, sometimes less. In fact, a recent poll found that 15% of Canadians would give up their right to vote in Canadian elections to vote in the United States.

I’m one of them.

I believe that the choices you make in this upcoming election will have a profound impact on both the health and wellbeing of your own nation AND the world around you — including my own country. Full disclosure: I’m for Obama. Why? I believe he has the platform, vision, temperament, wisdom and leadership to bring your country to a far better place than the position you’re in now. I also believe Hilary could provide leadership — with a similar platform, to boot — but her ethical stances, the tenor of her campaign, and her divisive mentality don’t win me over at all.

That’s why I was so startled to read Rosanne Barr’s words on the Huffington Post about how she could bring ‘healing’ to the United States, and how Obama needs to ‘be a man’ and ‘take vice.’ There was so much irony undergirding her words that I actually thought the piece might be a joke. ‘You can’t fight back dirtier than she can’? ‘Your shrill attacks are alienating her voters’? ‘Live the dream of Dr. King’?

No, Roseanne. He WON’T fight back ‘dirty’ in her manner, because that’s a BAD thing. No, HER attacks are alienating her voters. Everything from your statements about demographics to your understanding of the political process was flawed, false, inflammatory… and increasingly in character with your hero’s campaign.

Any true feminist or believer in racial equality will tell you that the dream is to leave gender and race OUT of the vote, not to divide the party up along those lines, or to call people to act according to the colour of their skin or the parts in their panties. You are contributing to the problem, not the solution.. I support your right to support Hillary, but I hope you can come to do it on the basis of the issues and integrity.

Otherwise, you’d do well to join up with the Republicans… I hear they enjoy a good round of bad rhetoric when they’re not busy starting wars.”

How about a man’s perspective? Meet my friend Jeffrey,

“is it too much to ask Roseanne to make some of
these statements publicly (preferably while standing right next to
Clinton)? That should pretty much wrap up the nomination for
Obama. :-)”

Oh, get comfy Roseanne, I have more.

This is my friend Sue of RedStapler,

“After reading Roseanne’s opinion piece on Huffington Post, I have to assume one of two things is true. She is either

1) Stupid or
2) Evil.

Either she is so stupid that she did not realize that telling a black man to ‘bow down’ would be seen as racist and offensive, or she is so evil that she knows and does not care.”

Ammie from SleepingMommy wants to say ‘hi’ too,

“I just read Barr’s post at Huffington. Which one of Roseanne’s personalities wrote that thing anyway? What I want to know is where she gets that Clinton represents the heart of the Democratic party? I’ve spoken with too many Democrats (and Republicans and Independents) that have said they are terrified of what a Hillary Clinton presidency would do to this nation.

Not only will she divide this country because of the extreme vitriol the Republicans have directed against any and all things Clinton. (Oh how I remember the witch hunts perpetrated by the right against Bill. How will it be any different with Hillary, who served as just one of many reasons for the hatred against Bill during his term in office.) She will divide this country because people hate her. They hate her because of who her husband is, they hate her because of her overweening ambition, they hate her because she is disingenuous, they hate her because she will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Ambition is good, when it is checked by reason. There doesn’t seem to be anything keeping her ambition in check, it’s driven by power hunger. And that is scary. I think that Larry David had it right in his post about the Red phone commercial.

Erin, I keep stewing on this. Couple of more things.

Barr said ‘Many of Clinton’s backers are turned off due to the shrillness of the attacks your campaign has let loose on your opponent.’

What? Shrill? With the exception of the staffer who resigned over calling Clinton a monster I can’t remember ANY shrill attacks.

Barr also says: ‘You can’t fight back dirtier than she can — it will bury your message of hope and change. It obscures the message of the people in this party!’

WHAT? HE can’t fight DIRTIER THAN SHE CAN? So. It’s okay for Clinton to fight dirty and it doesn’t obscure the message of the people in this party? And excuse me, but I think that the fact that he DOES NOT fight dirty and keeps the tone of his message positive is exactly what this party needs. It’s what makes him look good and Clinton look shrill.

One other thing: what the hell with the ‘Bow to the woman’ ?!?! Really? That’s the message supporters of Clinton want to put out there? It is exactly what will continue to turn people away from her. Militant feminazis are what give feminism and women’s equal rights a bad name.

That is all. Sorry just had to get that off my chest. I’m finished for reals now. I promise. :)”

One more, then I swear I’m done…meet Maria from PopConsumer,

“I’m done holding on to the idea that Hillary Clinton is someone I could vote for, that her election as president would represent positive change for women and that her campaign will do anything less that substantially weaken, if not destroy, the Democratic party. If this is what Clinton’s campaign for president represents then she does not speak for me, she is not winning for me (remember she said her win in Ohio was for everyone who keeps trying, not just those who voted for her) and I want no part of her campaign.”

So there you have it, Ms. Barr.

I could go on and on about your inaccuracies (insinuating Obama does not support energy independence, insinuating it was him that used the ‘monster’ term) but instead I’m going to just pretend this was ha ha funny satire.

You can’t possibly be that militant in gender issues that you’d overlook serious flaws in order to get a woman in the White House. You can’t possibly want to be that shocking to make a name for yourself and promote all that is Roseanne by entering the Election ’08 discussion.

I mean, PR for Roseanne’s brand of entertainment can’t possibly come at the expense of soldiers, uninsured Americans, or voters…could it???