I’m Headed to Denver

The Democrats are having a party, and far be it from me to miss a party.

You can catch most of my coverage here and at BlogHer– but keep your eye close on BlogHer, we’ve got some amazing things in store.

I have an N95 and will be live streaming on Qik.com.

Katy Chen will be shooting the video as Maria NIles and I talk to those attending, those covering, those speaking, and those partying at the Democratic National Convention.

My twitter stream will keep you up to date on my whereabouts, and – as always – there will be some surprises.

Will Erin get to Hug It Out, with Hillary?

Meet BlogHer’s latest contributor?

Freak out in conversation with other Moms as her son adjusts to Kindergarten while she’s away?

Give a #suckit laptop sticker to Joe Lieberman? Oh..that will have to wait for the following week when she travels to Minneapolis – Saint Paul

Let’s not forget the parties either.

Who doesn’t want to see a live stream of Queen of Spain and Mayor McHottie & Sarah Silverman,  at a Google-Vanity Fair party, or hanging with T. Boone Pickens??? At a DEMOCRATIC EVENT. Dude, he’s in the BIG TENT.

Did I mention I’m speaking in the Big Tent just before these guys? Yeah, DiggNation Townhall can try and follow MOI.

All that and more!

…and hopefully I’ll stop talking in the third person, too.

update: I will OF COURSE be at the Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash too! (thanks for the reminder to the coughing woman in my comments.  tee hee hee)

update II: PLEASE come see me at MOMocrats today. It’s IMPORTANT!