The makings of a vegetarian?

It was chicken nuggets again today for Count Waffles. If you include the gobs of ketchup as a vegetable, he had a semi-healthy lunch. But something went awry three for four nuggets in–And I blame it all on Old McDonald. Just as we started yet another round of Eeeee-iiii-eeeee-iiii-oooooo, he twisted his face up and said “Mommy…I eat da chicken????” Shit.

I was wondering when he’d make that connection. And in panic, I said “No, honey, not that chicken. Those are nuggets.” This seemed to suffice for now. But how long will it last? Here we have the kid that spends half his day making animal noises and watching talking chickens/cows/pigs on TV. And Mr. Smartypants seems to have an inkling that he’s eating his friends. I have no fucking clue how to handle this.


  1. The Squad says “bock, bock” when they want more chicken. Somehow they made this connection all by themselves. We’re very much the carnivores around here.

  2. we’re totally carnivores too. its just the whole…he’s realized he’s eating characters things. for instance…we love you kermit, but we also want to eat your legs.

  3. Justin asks is this a cow or a pig. He thinks it’s funny. Eric just doesn’t eat.

  4. I’m not sure if Jack will think its funny, not care…etc. I have no idea. I guess I’m worried he’ll break down in tears or something.

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