Girls will be girls?

I really want to write about the 5 hellish hours spent at the mall this weekend with a 2-year-old sans nap, two parents with dilated pupils, and a LOUD 5 month old. But I’ll spare you. It was a so horrific I think I’ve blocked most of it out anyway.

Instead, please join me in reliving that scene in Parenthood, where the cute little blonde boy sticks the bucket on his head and rams things. You see, I’ve always known I’d have a kid that did stuff like that. In fact, I’ve said it outloud to friends and family many times …”you know the kid with the bucket on his head…that will be my kid.” But life is funny.

I never thought it would be my daughter.

HRH Princess Peanut is now mobile. And she thoroughly enjoys her reflection in the television and entertainment cabinet. So much so, that she continually rams her head into said reflection. There seems to be no learning process here. No ram once, ouch, ram twice ouch, maybe I won’t ram a third time. Nope. Not my little girl. She will, if allowed, ram her head for 30 minutes straight until I pull her, screaming for more, away from her reflection.

Right or wrong, I expect this more from a boy. And am somewhat disappointed in her. The Kaiser, who actually called me into the family room laughing the other day to witness one of her first 10 minute head ramming episodes, seems to think nothing is askew here. And, in my sane world, I know this is fine. Normal, even. But then there is Crazy Queen. CQ wonders why she’s doing it…if its the start of head ramming child who will need mass therapy by age 4…and isn’t this more of a boy thing? only boys do this…not girls….etc. etc. etc. Poor Princess. Poor poor Princess. I apologize now for driving you crazy with my expectations. I’ll only be slightly disappointed if you are not the first woman President.


  1. She looks Canadian in that hat!

  2. The Count calls her a “baker” in that hat!

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