Cup drinking, underwear, backpacks…and tears

Somewhere between saying I’d NEVER send my two year old off to preschool and waiting for the hot water heater repair man this morning, the Count was enrolled at Little Shepard Nursery School. He starts Tuesday and I’m already a basketcase.

I talked to the director today (sweet 70-something woman who you just KNOW swears like a sailor at home) and she, in no uncertain terms, informed me that the heir to the throne will not have a spot in January or next Fall unless he’s enrolled NOW. She encouraged us to at least “try it out” and explained to me just how qualified their teachers are with surly two and a half-year olds. So out of fear the Count will be school-less next Fall…we went to Target this morning. He got a backpack (which he refuses to put on his back), Thomas the Tank Engine underwear (which he peed in twice before lunch), and some pull ups. As you can imagine, I have some big reservations about all of this. But…here we are. Today at lunch the Count wanted to show off what he would be doing at school with his apple juice and FORCED me to video his cup sipping abilities for the Kaiser. He’s such a big kid. Yet such a little one.

In other news the Mormons are at my door. Again. Seriously, do they really think this works? DOES this actually work? I mean, do people open the door, listen to them, and suddenly throw their hands in the air and say “Well, hot damn! Sign me up!”

I am forever waiting for the hot water heater guy. No hot water means no showers, no dishwashing, no dryer. But in my twisted mind its also a great excuse not to cook dinner or vacuum today too.


  1. what kind of dryer uses hot water?

  2. Drat. Foiled again. I meant washer. I hear you have no butt.

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