The baby airplane game

Queen to Kaiser:

“Honey…the baby puked in my mouth! I actually swallowed some!”

“ahahahaahahaha That’s good stuff hahahahahaha”

He loves me. Really he does. And this comes only a day after I recalled the story of how the Kaiser held me down and then farted on me the first time he introduced me to his friends.

BUT (and this is a big BUT) today he cleaned the garage, cooked the Count breakfast, went grocery shopping, got my bling cleaned at the jewlers, cooked dinner, cleaned up dinner, put the Count to bed…and is currently occupying the Princess so I can F’ around on the computer. So I guess I’ll put up with the gas, huh? Oh, and him finding Peanut puke in my mouth not disgusting, but hysterical. I’m dribbling spit up, re-spit up by ME, and he’s cracking up. Must be love.



  2. I can’t even get my man to cook.

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