Don’t let this photo fool you…

Because today after school. After his nap. After a popsicle. The Count and I had this conversation:
“What in my butt-butt Mommy?”
“No…day on da floor Mommy.”
“You went poops on the floor????”
“In the playroom?”
“You went poopies on the floor in the playroom?” Compose yourself. Compose yourself, How bad can toddler shits stain, right????
“Yes Mommy. Day right o-her here.” (pointing)
I could discuss what the Count had for lunch yesterday and dinner last night, but I think all I will say is corn was on the menu.
“Honey, we don’t go poopies on the floor. Where do we go poopies?”
“In da potty, Mommy. I no like da potty. I like da floor.”
So did I my little love. So did I.
To recap: in underwear 7 days. Items lost forever: 1 tupperware bowl, 1 harmonica, 1 living room carpet.


  1. Funny! Takes me back to those days so long ago. My kids are grown now and I wish that their problems were that flushable.

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