I heart weekends

Daddy is home.
Football is on the TV.
I can pee by myself instead of with one child on my lap and the other running out the bathroom door with a trail of toilet paper.
The Kaiser grills.
Did I mention the whole Daddy is home thing? Seriously. Look at that picture. Everyone is occupied. I’m going to open a beer and go hide somewhere. Because I can.
Happy weekend everyone.


  1. happy weekend to you too! lovely photo~


  2. Too cute! Found you through blog explosion, and you crack me up!

  3. …i officially love blogging.

  4. I heart weekends too. *sound of clicking my cold beer can to yours*

  5. Hooray for Daddies! Just call me Mr. Enabler.

  6. If Enabling means Mommy gets beer…you can enable your ass off Pirate! Cube and I will clink until the cows come home. Or the child screams for Mom. Whatever.

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