BANNED in the Royal Kingdom

Go ahead. Say it. I’m the Man. I’m Big Brother. I’m Overprotective. I’m a prude. Tom & Jerry has been banished from the Royal Boob Tube. Add to that list Bugs Bunny, Wile E. & Road Runner, Yosemite Sam, Teen Titans, Batman, and Justice league.

So why the sudden Commie Censorship, you ask? Simple. Let a 2-and a half-year-old watch a mouse hit a cat with a frying pan and you are just asking for trouble. And nothing, I mean nothing, good comes from the Count watching Wile E. fall off a cliff. Case in point: playground diving. You heard me right. Playground diving. And its exactly what you think it is. Put one toddler on a tall, wooden playground structure and watch him run, full speed OFF THE EDGE, throw his legs parallel to the ground and land on his ass. In the 40 plus years the director of our nursery school has been watching kids, mine is the FIRST one to do this on her playground. Do I blame Warner Brothers? Of course not. But I’m certainly not going to encourage this behavior. Just like I’m also not going to cook with the the kids in the kitchen and be surprised when the Count whacks the Princess with the frying pan.

No one suffers more from this than the Kaiser. He loves these shows. He watches them when the kids are not around. So to him, I apologize. But Mamma’s gotta keep the peace. And I’m sure it will only last a few more years. You know, when the Count knows better. (editor’s note: I seriously can not breathe I’m laughing so hard after typing that last line.)


  1. Tom & Jerry is one of the all-time greats! Anyone who would censor it is insane…

  2. Tom & Jerry rules!

  3. Insane. Maybe. And I totally love T&J. I just can’t let the toddler watch right now. I wish I could, but my head hurts from the frying pan.

  4. When I was about seven I climbed about thirty feet up a big cedar tree and rationally decided to leap off. I hid my pain and limped around for weeks because I felt so stupid and never did tell my parents. Now THAT was a valuable lesson I wouldn’t have learned without ol’ Wile E. Coyote.

  5. So much for my theory on letting the Count watch when he’s older…

  6. You should not let him watch football then. Neither one of my kids did anything after watching any of those cartoons, but Justin used to run & jump on other kids in our playgroup (at 2 years old) & yell TACKLE!

    I prefer to put them in time out & explain that isn’t acceptable then to attempt to ban football in my house…

  7. When chosing children’s programing I’m going to go with Seaseme Street and Barney over Tom and Jerry and Batman. He’s in time out enough over the course of the day then to have me add to it by showing him slamming doors in people’s faces and falling off cliffs is funny. Adult progaming, like football and hockey, is differnt. I’m not sitting him down in front of it for his viewing pleasure and entertainment. And I of course tell him the things he sees on tv are wrong, and he shouldn’t be doing it. But why add to it by letting him watch those shows? I’m just making more work for myself.

  8. I grew up on all this stuff. I turned out pretty good, I think. Never did anything crazy to hurt myself.

  9. I grew up on it too! But it is pretty violent. I’m sure he’ll watch some again at some point. Just not right now.

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