Today’s theme, Censorship

I’ve had to remove this photo of the Count at my Flickr site. Why? Because its gotten about 3 dozen more “views” than any other photo. Am I being paranoid? Maybe. But I also can’t think of a reason, other than SICK FUCKS, that its getting so many hits. I’m angry. I’m sad. I’m upset I can’t share a photo of my cute kid’s new undies while we potty train. Such is the way of the Internet. Now I know. And all you other parents should know too. Which is why I felt I had to post about this. Go take a look at your public photos, just in case. And to the BASTARDS, you’ll get yours. Every Mom will make sure of it. I got the Housewife Mafia with me now too. We’ll make sure of it. Watch your back asshole.


  1. I was going through my divorce and I showed my lawyer the pics I had of me and my daughter on my personal website. One was of her at about 6 months in the tub and others of her seconds after she was born. My lawyer told me to take them all down. I’ll paraphrase, “you don’t want any sickos looking at those pictures or having anyone accuse you of facillitating the sickos.” I was sickened myself and then did what I was told.

  2. Yeah, while I have no confirmation what went on…I’m certainly not going to take any chances. How sad.

  3. Ewww. That is very upsetting.

  4. Preach on sister! 🙂 We got your back! Seriously though, thats sick, its a sad world when we have to worry about those sick bastards looking at our innocent babies.

  5. i hate those pricks who take innocence and twist it. destroy it. i too am cautious of the photos i place on my blog of my son. there are too many sickos in the world. that just makes me so mad.

  6. That is so foul. There’s a special place in hell for those bottom feeding cretins.

  7. I had a searcher show up at my site looking for an “image of todddler boy going pottty outside”

    It gave me the heebie jeebies for days. I wrote a tough girl post about it too, but never posted it.

    (I added the mis-spellings in that Web search intentionally, so as not to attract the same sickos to your site).

  8. I appreciate all your thoughts. This honestly made me want to retreat from any Internet fun ever again.

  9. Why do I have to read about crap like this? I cant even imagine that people think like that.

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