Karma came and kicked me in the ass today. Last night, I had begun a post complaining about my mother. HRH Queen Mother has been in town since Saturday and she was beginning to drive me crazy with her “do you want me to wash those rugs for you? they are filthy!” and her “maybe you need to buy your children warmer clothes” comments. Then it happened. Karma. My COMEUPPANCE. Whatever.

I’m sick. I’m sick as a freaking dog. Things are oozing out me from all over. I couldn’t lift my head 4 hours ago. I certainly couldn’t care for myself or my children. In walks the Queen Mother.

“Its like your body said it was ok to get sick, because I’m here. Go lay down.”

I just came downstairs from a mid morning nap/pukefest to find my whole house clean. Children happily playing, rugs washed, AND my favorite sick drink VERNORS, waiting for me. How does she do that??

Such is the way of Mothers, though. They seem to pull it all together when the rest of the house has fallen apart. I hope I was that way a few weeks ago during my kids Royal Snotfest. I hope.

So I’m now erasing last night’s post. And I’m going to go lay on the couch and cuddle with my kids and my Mommy. I’m such a wuss. And today, I don’t care who knows it.


  1. I hope I can be that kind of mommy to my Sierra!

  2. Hope you feel better soon!

    I had to laugh – my mom always gave me Vernor’s when I was sick as a kid 🙂

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