Peer Pressure.

The Count came home from nursery school recently with one of those book flyers. You know what I mean because YOU came home from school with them as a child. We all did. Anyway the Kaiser and I actually got him a few things because its pretty cheap (6 books for $20 for our order) and he can always use more books. Not to mention if I read Clifford’s Happy Easter or the Cat in the Hat one more time I just might explode.

So I’m turning in the little form at school and another Mom says (lets call her “just woke up” Mom, since we all have names at the school) “OH MY GOD! Are those due today?????” And she flies into a panic. Tracking down the director of the place to see if they are due today ( I told her they were due tomorrow, but who’s gunna believe “Tattoo Mom,” right?) and asks every other adult she can find. “Just woke Up” Mom finds out that they are, in fact, due tomorrow so she announces she will make a special trip over to the school (our kids only go two days a week) to drop off her order form. So why the freak out and big fuss, you ask??? I asked my friend (and fellow nursery school Mom) who said, very matter of factually “They make a big deal when the orders come in and the hand them out. You don’t want your kid to be the only one in class who gets nothing.” So now I’m picturing the Count waiting for his named to be called as they hand out shiney new books and him NOT getting one while everyone else opens their little packages. Devastation. Turns out my friend has been ordering for all her kids for years, even if its a 99-cent book, so they never have to feel left out.

This sucks. Do I now have to order something every single time??? I’m screwed, aren’t I?


  1. LOL – yep – I remember those days – my parents didn’t always order and there were many a day I went home being labelled a loser ’cause my parents didn’t participate. Bu t don’t worry it won’t scar your kids forever or anything…

  2. Robey came home with one of those this week, and I threw it away. I also threw away the fundraiser booklet with candies and wrapping paper and other uselsss nic nacs that came home the week before that.

    If they’re pulling stunts like that at our daycare, I’ve yet to hear about it.

  3. OMG I’m a horrible mom then. I have NEVER ordered any of those books for my kids. Granted the two youngest just started getting these, but my oldest is in third grade now and brings them home all the time. I’m also one who does NOT participate in the school fundraisers, seeing as how all the schools in the state are doing the same exact fundraise at the same exact time. R never gets any “cool prizes” (junk) from those. I hope I’m not ruining his childhood.

  4. See, that’s the thing. I would have never of known it was an issue, had someone not told me. I also have not verified how the books are handed out once they come in. For all I know they might descretely hand them to the parents.

  5. Your post cracked me UP!!!

    Yep, I’m tattoo mom, too… always forgetting something, of course.

    I just threw out the book order form this morning.. does that mean my son will need therapy when he’s an adult?

    I’m very familiar with Cliffords Happy Easter… and Halloween, and his friends, and Christmas, ad nauseum… woof!

  6. As a teacher, I give out those forms. I think I had 3 kids return them. I don’t think your children will even care.

    As a parent, I throw them away!

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