Sarah tagged me! 7’s!

7 things I want to do before I die:

1) Write a book
2)FINISH my degree
3) Get a dog
4)Pose nude
5)Live on an island
6)Run for public office
7)Buy my husband’s family land

7 things I cannot do:
3)roll my tongue
4)drive a stick
5)play a musical instrument
6)paint my own toe nails

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex:
1)sense of humor
2)ability to not be an idiot

7 things I say most often:
2)Come here. I said come here.
5)I love you
6)What should we have for dinner/lunch/breakfast?
7)I don’t know.

7 celebrity crushes:
1)LL Cool J
2)Mathew McConaughey
3)Steve Yzerman
4)Johnny Depp
5)Angelina Jolie
6)Jared Leto
7)Keanu Reeves

7 people I want to do this(sorry if you did it already, just ignore me): (for those who don’t blog, in my comments)
1)Ms. Mamma
3)Dread Pirate Robert
4)The Diaper Pail
5)Stranded in Suburbia
6)Tomorrow is Another Day


  1. #4 is going to make #6 pretty tough on the things yu want to do before you die list.

  2. I thought about it more. I’m sure The Kaiser would take nude pictures of you.

    Or did you mean for art school?

  3. I did do it, awhile ago… but I’m not ignoring you 😉

    I love Angelina, too.. 🙂

  4. Sarah—I agree. And I have no idea if I mean by Aaron or for Art school. I just want to look fantastic, that’s the only requirement. Maybe if I run for office it can be part of my campaign flier.

    Laurie—I thought so, but I figured I’d put you on the list anyway! By the way…I think your Haloscan hates me!

  5. I will get to this, soon… I have put time limits on my computer use, but I will get to it!

  6. No biggie Tammy! I just thought you could play if you wanted too! Don’t feel obligated!

  7. I will do this today I swear. Thanks for tagging me, it is so exciting 🙂 (guess that tells you how borring my life really is)

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