Knives are for wusses.


  1. There’s always a use for that vital piece of utensils – the power drill! A must-have for all those little kitchen tasks – peeling potatoes, chopping carrots – oh! And don’t forget that shelf to put up! The All-in-one Multi-tool!

  2. Oh oh – I’ve just made a fatal mistake – I just showed Dopeydaddy your posting – a strange little gleam appeared in his eye….

  3. The very scary part of this was my son seemed to fully understand and accept that this was a FANTASTIC Daddy idea.

  4. I do think it was hard to clean after, though

  5. the kaiser says:

    WRONG! It was easy to clean. The best part was that I used a masonry bit. No wait, the best part is that I HAVE a masonry bit.

  6. hahahahahahahahahaaaa…. a drill.

    the things men come up with.

  7. the frightening bit of this is that a few years ago my husband had to use the drill on a set of pumpkins for my mom (a pumpkin snake that she showed in her blog earlier this month) he swears he wil never carve another pumpkin. Indy’s first pumpkin still sits untouched on the counter. thanks for the memories!

  8. We won a pumpkin carving contest in high school using a weed whacker and a chainsaw. Our carving was just a pile of slop, but the actual carving was a real crowd pleaser. Except for the part of the crowd in the front.

  9. I carved out a dozen pumpkins in minutes a few years back—with a jig saw——I live in the Guiness Book of World Records — Most Jack o Lantrens lit in one place.


    OOOoooooooooo exciting stuff.

    Write on!

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