The next Bobby Flay??? Emeril??

Toddlers. Are. Weird. Really weird.

I know kids have quirks. I’ve read other blogger’s posts about their kids freaking out when the tub water goes down the drain. Or when their juice cup is, heaven forbid, green instead of blue. But I’m starting to wonder about Count Waffles.

Its not unusual for him to take 10 things to bed. We’ve tried to put limits on it, but really, when its past bedtime and tempers are short and he wants to bring just one more matchbox car Mamma, I give in for the sake of sanity.

Last night the Count brought with him a garlic press and three beaters. He went right to sleep. And woke up this morning smiling, playing with his beaters, and even giving one to me. I think he assumed I too would find it the most beautiful toy ever. “Here you go Mamma…you have DIS beater,” handing it to me like it was the prize of the century.

Mamma needs some coffee first.


  1. Absolutely fanastic story! I love kids… well, at least now that i have one! What they find joyous and amusing never ceases to amaze me! The fact that he wanted to share it with you… oh, so precious… gives me warm fuzzies!

  2. Aw Shay! Seriously, the kid could be amused all day with kitchen utensils. Cute and strange!

  3. Those beaters leave amazing dent marks in the walls. And heads.

    The next Emeril? I could live with that!

    Cute story…

  4. Yes. His sister just got knocked on the head. He’s down to one beater because he’s gotten two taken away. And its only 830am here.

  5. Actually they were whisks, not beaters. Does the fact that I know the difference between whisks and beaters make me less manly?

  6. I just checked. It was one whisk and two beaters.

  7. Some kids enjoy soft things like teddy bears and blankets. Others – kitchen utensils. It’s a mystery, this one. But like you said, for the sake of sanity, I say, “whatever works”!!

  8. Ever roll over onto a whisk? Not fun.

  9. And Kaiser…I just clicked on your name. You are a dork.

  10. Isn’t it hillarious how you can spend a small fortune in toys, yet they will be perfectly content playing with a beater (or whisk) or in Pumpkins case, her own foot or anything else in sight she can fit in her mouth. Why again do we buy those toys?

  11. When i was little i used to take a sauce pan to bed with me. I thought that it was the greatset thing in the world at the time.

  12. My 3yo son does something quite similar at bed time- I can’t believe the things I’ll find in his bed in the morning, but for him its office supplies and wrapping materials: ribbon, tape, rubber bands… I don’t think he’s ever gotten a hold of the garlic press!

  13. Sounds so cute!

  14. Hah! My son sleeps with about ten books in his bed. It seems very uncomfortable to me, but it makes him happy, so I let him do it. So far, no kitchen equipment yet.

  15. priceless! indy took a rubber spatula to bed tonight because i couldnt pry it away from him. i had given it to him while iw as making dinner, since he was sitting on the kitchen floor banging his little hands, i thought it would be quieter. he acts like its the most priceless gift he ever received. demons, the lot of them!

  16. oh my gawd! i am just laughing my heine off! i clicked on the kaizer in the comments, and i got googles collection of whisks, egg beaters, and kitchen gadgets! thats about the most fabulous thing i have seen today hahahahaahahah

  17. One of the best things about him is his sense of humor. We laugh a lot around here…

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