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(right) Prom 1993. Because perms were cool -and super cool if you could get the one curl strand thing going. And apparently you could practice for your wedding in a white gown.

(left) 1990. Homecoming, I think. Remember Julia Robert’s dress in Mystic Pizza when she goes out with the rich guy? This was my interpretation. I honestly thought this was the coolest dress ever. The special dye matching shoes just topped it off.

(right) Some random dance circa 90-92. I have no explanation for this. Slutty for a 16/17-year old, don’t you think?

(below) Maybe (?) winter formal 1991. Red was H-O-T.

PROMAPALOOZA contestants:

Sarah and the Goon Squad


The Reign of Ellen

Live from the Wang of America

I’d Like to Buy a Vowel

Because I’m Your Father


Ms. Mamma


True Blue Semi-CRunchy Mamma



  1. Great piccies! Sorry I couldn’t participate…
    Love the new look blog layout! Very regal!

  2. You’ve got flair, there is no denyin’! 🙂

  3. You prom hair kicks my prom hair’s ass all over the place.

  4. Those pics were fun to see!

    That late 80s/early 90s hair… gotta love it.

    I liked the white dress.

    The one with the bow.. um… dude, what was up with the white tights? 😉

  5. Move over, Julia Roberts …

  6. yeah, what is with the white tights? Great photos! I had a purple dress just like your red one!

  7. Why did we think we looked cool? We didn’t. Why didn’t someone tell us?! And the hair! God help us, the HAIR!!!! My senior pictures barely contained my huge perm. Go big or go home was apparently the motto for the permed head.


  9. Slutty was in.

  10. If sluttly was in…you can crown me the QUeen of SLut.

  11. Ok…I’m getting a very odd amount of hits from *near* my hometown in Michigan. DeLURK you lurkers! Say hello! Oh, and sorry if you were one of the guys I cut out.

  12. Looking HOT, Queenie! Your hair is what I always wished my hair looked like back then!

    Damn, I wish I had a scanner. I SO want to play this promapalooza game. Gee, do you think it would be bad form to get my husband to bring a picture of me in my grad dress for scanning tomorrow when he goes into my office for a job interview?

    “Yes, thanks, lovely talking to you too, now could you show me how to work the scanner so I can make a digital copy of Erin in her bordello dress?”

  13. He’s a PIRATE make him take over the scanner! you’re so funny dame. I wish you could play too. Once you get those pics up, you can be a belated promapaloozer!

  14. Ok. I’ve looked at these pics all morning now, and I’m convinced I look like a really slutty bitch. Guys…Kaiser? Gabe? Ritch? Etc…you totally would have hated me in High School.

  15. Ellen inspired me to play too. All I can say after seeing your great pictures is: Oh.that.bow!

  16. Welcome to the party! I’m thrilled this has gotten so big! Everyone remember to vote tomorrow!

  17. I confess, I still have that hair.
    And about the mystic pizza dress- the tights were just the right touch.

  18. yeah. I am still unsure why I went with white. I guess I wanted to match the bow???

  19. The polls have opened early at AliBlog. Go vote now!

  20. I like the white dress and the red dress. Very lovely.

  21. LMAO I’m teary. Too many flashbacks. Must stop viewing. LOLOLO…. cheers friend. As always, great laughs.

  22. LOL, great pics everyone!!! Queen, you look like Alice in Wonderland with that blue dress!!! I love it!

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