Queen Clean, a therapy session

All my problems have melted away with a glass of wine and a good, old fashion scrub session. After the fiasco that was this week, I’ve pulled my proverbial shit together and cleaned house. Literally.

When my life is in chaos, it seems my house is in chaos. So I started in the only place I knew where to start in getting this kingdom back in royal form-I cleaned. Yesterday I dropped Count Waffles the Terrible off at nursery school, strapped the Princess in her swing, and scrubbed the Palace from top to bottom, until I actually made myself bleed. And I gotta tell ya, it felt goooood. I sweat. I smelled of cleaning products. I had goo under my nails from scraping unknown substances off floors and counters. And I felt fabulous.

And with one manic cleaning session I’m back on top. The Count came home from school, ate lunch, and napped without a struggle. Princess was a sweet pea all day, and the Kaiser came home from work early and played and played with the kids. Mommy and Daddy even got some much needed “alone” time when BOTH children actually remained sleeping for more than 7 minutes at a time. What a difference a day makes.

Later in the night, when I was telling the Kaiser what a great day we had I realized something. He must dread walking through that door every night. Not knowing if he’s coming home to Wednesday’s lunatic ala Andrea Yates Queen or if he’ll stumble upon a spotless house with happy inhabitants. That’s enough to make you want to go to a bar after work, like my father. And his father before him.

I also have the knack for springing I Love Lucy type ideas on him all day. Hatching plans to become an overnight blogging success, write a novel, buy a new house (that one worked), have a third child, get a dog, etc. etc. etc.

At least, in the end, you can’t claim life with me is dull. I’m going to go clean up breakfast now. Then maybe I’ll take the kids to the zoo. And knit everyone Christmas presents, and start that novel. Did anyone see today’s real estate section…


  1. the kaiser says:

    “Alone time” means we had sex. In case anyone didn’t get that.

  2. I was trying to be polite and not expose them to ALL the intimate details of our life. Geez. So much for the “mystery” of that post.

    Tee hee hee.

  3. Um.. Kaise, didn’t you read what I said yesterday about “reading between a woman’s lines”? I knew what she meant 😉

    Good for you guys.. you gotta seize those moments!

    Anyway, Erin – I am the same way. When my house is a mess, so am I. Cleaning is great therapy – it’s just getting motivated to actually do it, is usually my problem.

  4. Guess what I did yesterday that made me feel a whole lot better? Cleaned the bedroom. Out went the toys, the laundry got put away, my books were straightened in neat piles. Did it ever feel good!

    Amazing what a clean house does to your mentality.

    Guess what I’m off to do? Scrub the floors. So if you’re done picking the crap from under your nails, care to come help me? Heh.

  5. When are you coming to my house? Plenty of therapy here for you.

  6. I had a feeling everyone would give me invites. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind. I’d be a very good cleaning lady if I weren’t so…um…”let them eat cake.” That was for the Kaiser and Gabe, they know, that I know, that they know, that I know, I’m silly.

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  8. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one that can use their home as an emotional barometer… why is that I wonder?

  9. Many congratulations on your much better day and quality time alone with the hubby!

    “Lucy”, you are doing fine 🙂

  10. Wow, new look since the last time I was here–I really like it!! I’m glad you had a chance to decompress and I hope y’all have a great weekend 🙂

  11. Remember how I said i could relate?? LOL! Earlier this week I was so mad/frustrated/overloaded I just rearranged our entire first floor. It was very fun and was the BEST therapy! LOL!

    Cheers & happy weekend.

  12. I used to do angry cleaning all the time. My house is not so clean now I am happier LOL

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