At least someone does…

It’s naptime in the royal kingdom. Count Waffles the Terrible is trying desperately to squeeze himself into the pillowcase currently on his father’s king sized pillow.

“What are you doing?”
“Dis Daddys Piww-ooh?”
“Yes, that’s Daddy’s.”
“I sweep in it?”
“Sure, if you want to.”
“It smell like Daddy’s stinky toots.”
“The pillow smells like Daddy’s stinky toots?”
“Yes” Gets himself inside pillowcase and snuggles.
“I miss him. I miss Daddy’s stinky toots.”
“Goodnight Mamma. Sweet Dreams.”
“Goodnight Daddy stinky piww-oh.”
And he naps there now.


  1. Oh that is actually very touching!

  2. Yeah. I just died laughing because he finds his dad’s stinky farts appealing. Or, I guess he just associates THAT smell with his father. Hilarious.

  3. LMAO… mine thinks my side of bed is gross because it has girl germs. LOLOL … that was cute.

  4. hahahaha… too cute!

    Good luck today, Erin..

  5. That’s so sweet!

  6. Thanks Laurie. I’ll probably post after the drama. Maybe. Maybe not until tomorrow. We’ll see how crazy I’m feeling. 🙂

  7. I hope all is well with you, and also, how precious is that little boy!!

  8. How funny, I was just about to comment on this post when my 4 yr. old paged me from the bathroom to help her wipe her poopy butt. As I was wiping her she said, “You love me even when you smell my poopy butt”. Yup. How old do they have to be before they can be trusted to wipe themselves??? Soon I hope…

  9. cant decide if that is sweet, or gross, lol. adorable either way!

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