The roof. The roof. The roof is on fire…

Not really. I just wanted to sing that in my head. Sorry.

Yup. Another wildfire in sunny California. North of Los Angeles. But not our north of Los Angeles. This one is west of us.

All the fire trucks and constant news coverage means our phone rings a lot with worried friends and relatives making sure we’re ok.

It also reminds me of Count Waffle’s latest and greatest obsession: sprinklers. Or, to be exact, “pink-or-lores.” The kid dreams about spinklers. He talks about them all day long. And he’s noticed they not only come in the lawn variety, but the ceiling variety as well. Which means a trip to the grocery store tends to include a 20 minute monologue on every single sprinkler on every single aisle in every single department.

“Oh, Mamma. Look at dat pink-or-lore by da apples.”

“Mamma! Mamma! Look at dat pink-or-lore by da fishes! It beautiful!”

Yes, the kid thinks sprinklers are beautiful.

Walks, as of late, take an hour a block because he must (and I really can’t emphasize MUST enough here) touch every single sprinkler on every single lawn all the way down the street. Think about how many sprinklers are on your front lawn. Enough said.


  1. At least he’s obsessed with something that can wash dirt off him, as opposed to, say, mud. Or airplane model glue. Or crack cocaine, for that matter… 🙂

  2. Actually, when it was warmer, the sprinklers *may* have been used instead of a bath…only once or twice. I swear.

  3. sprinkler “baths”, yeah.

    cute kid, thanks for the chuckle 🙂

  4. At least now you know what to get him for Christmas – his very own pink-or-lore – all wrapped up in pretty paper and a big bow!

  5. We po’ and don’t have have “front lawn”! LOL! But we do take walks and my son has to stop in front of each home with flowers to smell them. I think he knows it drives me nuts and does it on purpose. LOL!

  6. Hi ya neighbor!

  7. my mom is a gardener. serious gardener. so my folks got this fun little sprinkler train! i love this thing… you drag the hose out and through the psrt of the lawn you want watered, then make a loop at the end and put the front “wheel” of the train over the sprinkler. the water pressure drives the train sprinkler back on the hose “track” slowly enough for everything to get watered! you need one of those, you would NEVER hear the end!

  8. Dak-Ind-if there is such a thing that combines sprinklers and trains…I truely belive the Count’s head would just explode. I need to find this for Christmas.

  9. pink-a-lores make rainbows 🙂

  10. OMG, that is precious – and it reminds me – when my 10-year-old was small, she always wanted to “run through the sprink-you-lers” – and she STILL sometimes says that! LOL! Kids are so cute sometimes!

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