I am not going to blog about poop

I’m just as obsessed as the next mom, but I refuse to blog about baby poop. Instead, here is list of things OTHER than poop I have found in Princess Peanut’s diaper:

Dental floss
“Inspected by #2” sticker
Candy wrapper, minus the candy
Banana sticker
Crayon bits

In my defense, I keep a decently clean home. I am attentive, and I catch stuff before it gets into her mouth all the time.

Nothing, and I mean nothing ever came near the Count’s mouth when he was this age. In fact, had he ingested just one of the many feathers falling out of our cushions I would have rushed him to the ER.

Is this what its like for the second child? Eh, it came out of her, right?


  1. From the pictures your house is scary clean don’t sweat it she might be a “collector” and that is just a handy place to keep her stuff kinda like her baby purse 🙂

  2. Isn’t it bad to protect our kids too much? I thought I read something about it not giving their immune systems enough to develop with or something like that.
    Hey, as long as it’s coming out and not staying in I wouldn’t sweat it.
    Btw, wanna come clean my house? Your floors are shiny!!

  3. Yeah, that’s what it’s like for the second AND third child(ren). I figure … paper’s edible, don’t stress. Plastic? Glass? OK. Dig that out of the mouth.

  4. Hahahahaha!!!!

    Can’t say I’ve ever found anything like that in a diaper… but my boys probably digest everything, even inatimate objects.

    Love the photo, she’s a sweeeeite!

  5. My favorite poop story happened while I was at a MOMS Club playgroup. One of my friends was changing her toddler’s poopy diaper next to me when she stopped what she was doing, sat back on her heels, and said, “Huh. So that’s where that marble went to.” Then she just finished cleaning her up and threw the diaper away!

  6. Yeah, ok. So my house can be scary clean. I will take your cup away to wash before you finish your drink. I admit it. Which is why my daughter eating things off the floor baffles me. What if I didn’t clean as much as I do?

  7. Um. Yea. That’s what happens to number two. Just don’t ask about what happens to number three… Eeek.

    She looks happy, healthy, and beautiful.

    Off to change a poopy diaper. Silly me fed them corn last night.

  8. i havn’t had the pleasure of finding weird stuff in zachs poop yet but it is changing to some pretty funky colors since i have switched him to solids

  9. I’m not sure what age they stop shoving things down their pants.

  10. Oh, running. I WISH she was just sticking things down there. But no…its umm….coming out from…umm..well, she’s eating them.

  11. My mom used to find pennies in my poop, seemed I was a saver back then 🙂 And I was the 1st child, I hate to find out what she found in my brother’s diapers, he was the 4th!

    BTW, what is wrong with blogging about baby poop? 🙂

  12. Better out then in, I always say!

    Blogging about poop is funny though…I triple dog dare you to blog about poop. 🙂

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  14. (BTW, I had a weird typo that totally changed the comment, so I editted it!)

    What’s funny to me, is how un-taboo poop becomes once you have kids. Only with little kids, can you say things like, “Today was a good day, Will pooped in the potty twice,” or “Wow, that was a lot of poop.”

    Also, the word “potty” returns to your vocabulary once you have children. I never used that word before Will, and now I use it all of the time.

  15. I’m glad we’re out of the diaper years with our children, however, with 4 cats & 1 dog, we have oodles of animal poop to contend with. Our lives revolve around poop, sometimes we can’t help but blog about it.

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