Happy birthday to the Kaiser! We love you! And Dammit, we’re having CAKE for breakfast!!! Hahahahahaha.

This is a long standing joke between the Kaiser and I. Back when we had these fairy tale notions of how to raise our children (read: before they were here) he thought they would never, ever eat junk food, or fast food, or anything remotely unhealthy. When I suggested they could eat cake for breakfast (like my family does when there is leftover cake) he about died. So I said…maybe on their birthdays they can have cake for breakfast. The Kaiser stood firm. No cake. Never, ever cake for breakfast.

Well guess what we’re waking you up with in 3…2…1…

And for those who don’t know. The Kaiser’s real name is Aaron. My real name is Erin. My birthday is tomorrow. You still have time to FedEx your gifts.


  1. Erins of the world unite!!!

    Queen, I had no idea you were named after the Emerald Isle — me too! And the fact that the Kaiser has the same name (albeit spelled in that weird Old Testament way, heh heh)is even more wonderful. I hope you both have excellent birthdays and enjoy your breakfast cake.

    Oh, and do tell the Kaiser that I LOVE his taste in headwear.

  2. Happy happy joy joy to you both!

    My son has eaten waffles with ice cream, syrup and whipped cream for every one of his birthday breakfasts.

    All 16 of them.

    With a lit candle at each presentation…..natch.

  3. Well happy birthday to you both!! My hubby has a birthday today as well. And he’s getting cake that I will have for breakfast tomorrow. (Which happens to be my brother in law’s birthday) Sagittarius is a popular sign!

  4. I’m a health freak/nut/loon and I love cake for breakfast. Tell him to take out the pole and cheers! Happy birthday to you both!!!! 🙂

  5. Aww, Happy Birthday to “Yous Guys”. Yay!

    I like cake for breakfast–any day 🙂

  6. Happy Birthday to both of you!!!!

    (Paczki’s for breakfast in Feb!)

    PS – got my “yummy mummy” stuff yesterday, it’s awesome. I’ll post a pic in the tee (not the thong, though!)

  7. The Kaiser will be hugely disappointed Laurie

  8. Seriously Laurie. It’s my frickin’ birthday over here. Sheesh.

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you both! More December Birthdays! Man is this month full!!! Enjoy your cake for breakfast 🙂

  10. Happy Birthday, Aaron and Erin! 😀

  11. HooRAY for December birthdays!! Sagittariases… Sagittarii… Sagittarians… Um, SAGS of the world UNITE!

    (So, does it ever get confusing when the phone rings, and the person on the other end asks for “Erin” and Aaron is all “Speaking”? I’m just saying, that could be fun!)

  12. Oh, we have a field day with telemarketers. To top it off, I like to say “are you looking for boy Aaron or girl Erin?” and, because they have no idea…they are like…”ummm…I don’t know.”

  13. I think it is hilarious that you call your husband the Kaiser!
    Happy Birthday to you!

  14. Knock, Knock, there’s a choir at your door……”We Wish You A Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year” Stopping by to wish you and yours Happy Holidays!!

    PS. Hope your Birthday is a wonderful day!!

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