New Camera Goodness

And to think for a nano second I was sad she didn’t get her brother’s blue eyes. Silly me.


  1. That’s a cute pic. Sounds familiar. I was so upset that my little one got my brown eyes. Her sister has beautiful green/blue eyes. But everyone comments on her huge brown eyes and now I’m glad that she has them.

    You got yourself a cutie!

  2. Thanks T! And I like your legs…Good God!

  3. Totally adorable!

  4. That’s the most adorable picture I’ve ever seen.

    What a cutie pie. 🙂

  5. I think I’ll keep her.

  6. awwwwww!!

    I see I’m not the only parent of a wee one to post pic after pic!


  7. Its like a sickness really…

  8. very cute!

  9. she is so cute!

  10. She is a cutie!

  11. STOP IT! I WANT TO SQUEEZE HER LITTLE CHEEKS OFF! My son has HUGE eyes too… they make you wonder what’s going on behind there… LOL…hmm…

    What a looker. 🙂 Cheers lady friend.

  12. She doesn’t need blue eyes, she is just perfect!

    And btw, color can still change :).

  13. I have a couple shots like this of our girl…just makes me melt.

  14. She’ll never need eye makeup, that one. She is natural beauty all the way.

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