Christmas is when we celebrate Baby Cheese’s Birthday

Count Waffle’s the Terrible will go to nursery school today and celebrate Baby Cheese’s Birthday. At least, that’s what he keeps telling me.

We sent him, two days a week, three hours a day, to this particular nursery school because we loved their laid back attitude, great playground, and because I personally know, or know others who can vouch for ALL of the teachers.

We KNEW it was a Christian school, and we discussed how we would handle stuff like this…but we figured he’s just 2 1/2 and they really don’t mention the Bible or God or Jesus all that much. And any exposure to the subject would either go over his head or would be a nice, diversity lesson for him. (The Kaiser is an atheist, The Queen is somewhat agnostic, recovering Catholic and we’re pretty liberal.)

So when the note came home with the cute little Nursery School logo saying the kids would celebrate Christmas with a birthday party, I…ummm…freaked out. Only a little. I held the freak out in pretty good, for the most part.

I calmly approached the Kaiser to tell him what was up. I wanted to check his reaction to see if I was OVER reacting.
He was fine with it. No biggie. Seemed normal to him.

But in my Catholic upbringing, Christmas meant lots of mangers and animals and hay and advent calendars with chocolate and stuff. We never, ever, not even once associated it with a “birthday party.” This was a totally foreign concept to me. And the only thing I could associate it with was my crazy ass in laws. My sister-in-law was very excited once when my brother-in-law got to pick up Jerry Falwell from the airport to speak at their seminary. Does that explain enough? If you need more, see THIS POST.

Anyway, the Kaiser had great points about how kids are not going to understand any of the mumbo jumbo I was subjected to as a child and they sure do understand birthday parties. And its not like we’d keep the Count home from school just to avoid Baby Jesus. Totally valid points. And now, I’m fine with it. I have to be. I put him in this school, and something like this was bound to happen. And will happen again. And again.

And the Kaiser was dead on with kids understanding birthday parties. Because the Count is off to school this morning thinking he’s going to party all day long…with this guy–which I discovered when he said “Mommy, its baby Cheese’s Birthday. At Chuck E Cheese.”


  1. Of course now when I’m at church on Sunday and the priest discusses the birth of Jesus I’m going to mentally insert “Cheese” everytime … how cute is that??

    Sometimes it seems kids just have a way of working out all those icky moral issues, don’t they?

    Nice blog! I stopped by from Adena’s place!

  2. Having taught in a Christian school for many years I can tell you that 2 year olds are taught Bible lessons that are geared to their age. I was the Christian Education specialist at a large Christian school for several years and geared all my lessons to fit the age of the children.
    If you have difficulty with having your child exposed to scriptural truths then you might want to find a preschool that better suits your needs.
    It is not unusual in a Christian preschool to have a “Birthday Party for Jesus”. Kids know that they have a party on their birthday and they want Jesus to have one too. It is a very sweet idea. They are taught that Jesus is their friend and all their friends have birthday parties.
    I don’t know anything about the school your child attends but I know that the school where I taught helped tried to teach the children to be kind, respectful, loving, obedient….all traits that any parent would want their child to have. I am sure that your child will greatly benefit from his time there.
    Merry Christmas to all your family.

  3. funny. aren’t kids great? at church my son asked about the “lettuce spray” 🙂

  4. LMAO… he’s not going to become a munk or priest or a grass hopper eating missionary. RELAX. I do a cake at Christmas to teach my kiddo the same thing, don’t FREAK OUT. It’s a belief system. Not all of us who believe in God shove snakes in your hands, wear ankle skirts, and beat you over the head with the bible. He’s just learning the faith explanation of Christmas. Just teach him at home what you want to if you are uncomfortable with it. Tell him what you both believe.

  5. As an athiest ex-catholic I totally understand where you are comming from. But I do not think it is bad for a child to learn about a variety of faiths either. And Christmas is originally about the birth of Jesus, no harm can come from him understanding the orgins. Especially now that Christmas has become such a commercial holiday. What you teach him at home will be most important.

    That being said though, I would probably not enroll Pumkin in a christian school…

  6. Jane– we don’t believe these lessons to be truth. He will be taught a variety of religous concepts when he can understand them and choose for himself what to believe. Like I said, we enrolled him at this school because I knew he was in good hands. I’m happy he’s learning about Christianity, yet uncomfortable as well. But that’s my problem. I want him to be exposed to all religions. And this is one.
    KDUBS—see that? See how good I’m being!! Hahahhahaha. That’s pretty much why I held in the freak out. I have to remember not all Christians are my inlaws. Keep reminding me!

    Ms. Mama.–I know how you feel. I really wasn’t sure about the Christian school thing. But when you find a place that doesn’t mind if your kid is potty trained and you have a friend that can swear up and down none of the teachers are evil…well, the decision kind of made itself.

  7. I understand where you’re coming from, but I wouldn’t stress over it too much.

    Love the baby cheese – too cute!

  8. the baby cheese thing is adorable

  9. Baby Cheese’s birthday huh, so cute! I am a Christian and agree with KDubs. But we have never done a cake for Jesus’s birthday and I have never heard it done before. Interesting. I do think that it’s great that you are open minded about the whole religion thing. Anywho, Happy Holiday’s, Merry Christmas, Season’s Greetings, Happy Hanukkah *insert whatever holiday greeting that won’t be offensive to ya here* 🙂

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  12. I emailed your yahoo….

  13. Oddly, during advent festival last year, our church had a birthday cake for Jesus and the kids sang. I was surprised.

    I love the baby Cheese-us 🙂

  14. OMG–I love Jesus–The Action Figure.

    First time I came across one in a shop I nearly piddled in my panties!

    Have you every been party to a Christcake?

    Where a little Christ charm is baked inside the cake and whom ever gets the piece containing it is blessed with good luck.

    Providing they don’t lose a tooth and the rest of us all just get crappy luck I guess.

  15. The Jesus Action figure DID make me pee myself.

    …and the Count just got home and said “I ate Baby Cheese’s cake and he’s all up in my belly!”

  16. Where on Earth will they get all those candles?


    Seriously though, thats one OLD baby.

  18. Thanks queenie… ivory…LOLOLOL.. Hubby loves the action figure.

  19. At my Aunt’s house last year they actually had a cake that said “Happy Birthday Jesus”. Mind you this was family and about 20 people were present, only four under the age of 10. Evangelical Christians are weird people.

    Also, you should have posted the picture of the “Buddy Christ”. Click on my name to see it. Good times.

  20. A RITCH sighting. I’m honored. And I actually need to get me a buddy christ. Hilarious.

  21. You know, it’s so very interesting to read something so opposite of what I believe. I’m a Christian and one of the ‘weird evangelical’ kind. :)(less the no pants/no makeup thing – that wouldn’t work since I sell Mary Kay! HA!) I guess I really don’t know any athiests and probably not many agnostic folks, but I can tell you that if you know the teachers at the school your kid is in and trust them, then you should have absolutely nothing to worry about. If they were saying they were doing some snake-handling or something crazy, then get worried. Having a birthday party for Jesus, who they probably reference every now and again since it is a Christian school, I’d say your little munchkin is safe from the “brain washing”. 🙂

  22. Is that a Buddy Jesus?

  23. lol , I just love kids… sometimes.

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