I might delete this later

I had to sit down and commit this to memory right now.

Its 530am on the West Coast. Still very dark outside. And I just woke up, nursing the Princess, when a big white light started flashing, almost like a digital camera, outside (or was it on?) my bedroom window.

I sat straight up. Stared at it…looked around to see where it was coming from, and then it stopped.

My heart is still racing. I can’t find ANYTHING that would do that. I was starting to think I dreamed it, and then I noticed all three of our cats on the dresser in front of the window.

I just came down stairs to look around. Nothing. I can’t find anything.

My first thought was the house was on fire. Even though the light was nothing like a fire light.

Did I piss off Baby Cheeses with that last post? Is ET phoning home? What the hell just happened?

We’re on the second floor, by the way. Which means no one could have been standing outside the window.

I’m going to try and go back to bed now.


  1. lightening?

    Other than that, i got nothin’….

    That would freak me out, tho…especially after i noticed the cats!!

    (PS, Typepad appears to be down, and has taken like the entire last week of my posts with it. I truly hope they come back….)

  2. Could you have a peeping tom?

    Or, I guess it could be God – but I’m guessing God would have struck you down long ago for sending us the Jesus action figure.

  3. Check your nose for a microchip to make sure you weren’t abducted by aliens …

  4. Would it be in my nose? I’m scared. Serioiusly.

    No lightening around. And it was more a digital camera flash than a lightening flash.

    And I’d say peeing tom but we’re on the second floor.

    And Sarah is right. I would have been smoten. Smited? SMoted? Years before this.

  5. Thanks for creepin’ me out. LOLOL

  6. You sure you were awake?

  7. Yeah, I’m sure. I got out of bed and came downstairs and typed this.

    I am officially creeped out too.

  8. i thought of another possible explanation…could a transformer box have blown near your house?

  9. Maybe. But we all have power.

    Here is my new theory…we have a baby monitor that has a nightlight. Maybe one of the cats really wasn’t on the dresser (even though I can see all three of them up there in my head) and laying on the monitor, causing the nightlight to go on off on off???

  10. Come to think of it, I sort of remember getting probed last night…

  11. Totally saw that coming. And disappointed you didn’t use the word Anal.

  12. You’re going to start building mud mountains in your living room soon.

  13. I vote for the aliens. Alien peeping Tommie Lees with big flashbulbs for noses. What puzzled them was “is that little parasite going to eat the whole woman or just suck out her insides and leave the skin…?” Aliens don’t understand mammals.

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