A new family tradition…mocking Frosty

We just finished watching the original version of Frosty the Snowman. What a crapfest.

I actually was calling Count Waffles into the room when it started, worried he would miss the opening “Frosty” song. Worried he wouldn’t see the rabbit jumping up and down in the magic hat. I was sooooo excited for him to view it for the first time…that I did not realize its probably been 15 years since I’ve seen it.

I was really disappointed last week when the Count didn’t want to watch Charlie Brown. All he kept saying was “Mommy, why is that boy so sad?” And all good old Chuck had done was walk across the screen. So I gave up my hopes on him loving Peanuts and moved on to Frosty. He was probably more toddler friendly anyway, right? Wrong.

Count Waffles covered his eyes for most of it. Its his new thing. He just can’t stand to see anything he loves walk or talk or move.

Take Santa…everyone has Santa in their advertising this time of year and its making the Count batty. He just can’t STAND to actually see Santa. He gets this HUGE grin on his face and then throws his arm over his eyes. The love it just too much. I am so incredibly happy I can’t even look at you.

So when Frosty pops on the screen he covers his eyes. But ends up peaking out from time to time. Meanwhile, the Kaiser and I are tearing this little movie to shreds:

Of course she’s cold! She’s not wearing pants!
Oh yeah, you can take a train to the north pole and be home by dinner…
Hey there magician man…you might want to talk to the doctor about your jaundice…
I know! Lets take the cold girl out of the refrigerated box car and into a blizzard!

This went on for the entire half hour. With Count Waffles the Terrible finally completely covering his eyes when Santa appears. He just can’t bear it, people. Santa is HUGE with the kids.

So now I sit here, dejected, because I wanted to get all warm and fuzzy watching Frosty with my little guy for the first time. No such luck. And I can’t imagine subjecting myself to that Frosty, steaming pile of poo again next year.

Anyone know when Rudolph is on???? There is no way we can watch that, though…waaay too much of the big red guy in that one….


  1. fabulous! i had to laugh so much during this because, honestly, the only one i still like is the original cartoon version of the grinch, the rest of them just SUCK.

    i love the cant watch because hes too happy! thats about the cutest thing i have ever heard!

  2. OMG you just MST3Kd Frosty. Oh boy, was that wayyyy too geeky of a comment?

  3. Running is a big GEEK. Just kidding sweets.

    Seriously. I’m still reeling at how awful Frosty is. At one point the snowman says “Lets play follow the leader!” And then they all play LEAP FROG. Ug. I’m done picking apart the children’s show from 1969 now…

  4. I attempted to have Arianna watch “The Sound of Music” last night…She’s almost 6, i thought she might like it.

    Yeah, not so much.

    We’ll move on to “The Wizard of Oz” next.

    I can’t do the cheezy ’60s cartoons…neither can the kid…it holds no interest for her. I think today’s kids are WAAY beyond that crappy animation.

    That’s so cute about the “I’m so Happy i can’t LOOK at you!!”

  5. We actually started off watching the Sound of Music. But the Count kept asking “Is she singing and walking Mommy? Why is she walking and singing? Is she going to sing and walk more Mommy?” I thought he would like the kids and the Do a Dear fun…no such luck their either.

    Why are we forcing them to watch our crappy old shows? What’s wrong with us?

  6. I KNOW! I should know better, given my kid’s facination w/ movies such as “LOTR” and “Harry Potter”. (and yes…she’s sat through ALL the LOTR movies w/o fidgeting…or getting freaked out. Little nerd in the making)

    Anyhow, i realized last night, while watching “The Sound of Music” exactly why it is i don’t like musicals…

    WHO breaks into song RIGHT when the guy is going in for a good make-out session??

    It’s like “oh, baby…give me some of That…”
    “*queue musical intro…*”

  7. Oh yes. Frosty. The DVD of the version of which you speak was on sale for $5.99, and I thought my kids would get a kick out of it being “something “Mommy watched when she was a little girl.” They loved it. My 2.5 y.o daughter is addicted…to the rabbit! “Where’s Pocus? There he is!” My husband and I sat there in disbelief, thinking, “We actually watched this cr*p?” And the picking apart part? We totally do that too. Why is building the head of a snowman the “hardest part”? Why is there an infant/toddler in the kids’ class that speaks gibberish? We tried having the 5 y.o. watch Charlie Brown Halloween. He started crying b/c CB kept getting rocks in his bag! CB is just a downer for everyone, I think.

    I adore your blog and want to eat Princess Peanut! (just kidding – but she’s too cute) Visit ours if you’re so inclined!

  8. that is so cute that he covers his eyes! I must admit though i have been watching that show and many others every year since i can remember. I try not to miss them. I think its me trying to be a little kid again every year.

  9. Some of those things we watched as kids just don’t hold up, do they?

    I do still adore Schoolhouse Rock, though. It’s cheesy, but it works for me.

  10. At 2 1/2 my kiddo loved it… at 3 1/2 it’s old news. I don’t know. Nothing beats transformers, GI Joe, or Teen Titans.. LOLOL… Frosty doesn’t blow anything up or kick anyone’s tail so it just isn’t entertaining to him… LOLOL.. but I hear ya. It’s wicked dull. I remember LOVING rudolf and I got the xmas value pack thinking the SAME thing last year. It did work for him last year but not this year…. it has some fuzzy feelings attached but really, I just don’t feel the same. LOL…

  11. Oh my, the covering of the eyes….that is adorable!!!
    Rudolph the movie scared the daylights out of my oldest at the toddler age – I think there’s a big blueish monster in it but I can’t remember…

    There’s a fairly new one called “Olive, the other reindeer” that seems to be a hit, and also “A Christmas Story” is always a good one!

    I love your blog – I’m bookmarking you!

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  13. Maybe we make our kids watch the cheesy shows we used to because we want to pretend that the world is still the same as it was when we were young.

    I made my son watch the Rudolph special… you know the one… his reaction? “that’s not natural mom, it’s freaking me out”. Funny thing was, it always freaked me out a little too. Oh well!

  14. Child priorities are always changing!

    You cannot suppose for your children to like the same Mickey Mouse toons instead of Pokemon and Bayblades of today…

  15. Ooh yeah. We borrowed Rudolph last night (and realized it was made in ’64, ouch). Comments from children included 1. That is not what Santa would look like, he’s too thin with a HUGE head. 2. Is this like, bad CGI or what? 3. What is up with the googly eyeballs? 4. Why would any adult reindeer put mud on his kid’s nose? 5. Why did they say it was “time to get the women reindeer home”? 6. Why does Mr. Donner get to tell Mrs. Donner what to do? and my favorite, 7. When will this be over?

  16. Ah, your kids make me laugh. I loved Frosty the Snowman, but I tend to pick apart the ‘classics’ now too.

    I even do that with television series that were, once upon a time, my all-time favorite. Once I go back and watch them, I am usually left in disbelief. Why on earth did I ever think that this show was the best on earth?

    I think we all do it!

  17. A friend of mine once told me that as a child, Hermey the Elf was the first time he recognized another gay person on TV. Hermey the gay dentist? It still makes me giggle.

  18. Hermey was gay! Never occured to me. But now that you say it…

    …I also didn’t realize Boy George was gay back in the day…

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