Blowing up Santa

For your scorecards:

The Kaiser and Queen have quarreled.
The Queen Mother and Houseboy have quarreled.
The Queen, Houseboy, and the Queen Mother had a blow out over the placement of this blow up:

The Queen Mother has gone back to the grocery store twice today because, apparently, the $300 of groceries I bought-from her specific list-were insufficient. My paper plates, it seems, are not the right paper plates.

There has also been a last minute glitch in the gift I’ve been planning for the Kaiser that’s 2 years in the making.

…and the other set of grandparents are just now getting off the plane.


  1. I’m so sorry it’s already starting out like this. Time for that deep breath, and maybe a stiff drink, I think.

    Don’t suppose you could get your mom off your back by telling her how great a yogurt douche is, could you? That would probably shock her into silence for a bit. 😉

    Wishing you a peaceful and happy holidays – I’ll have to keep checking back to see how things are going.

  2. Fa la la la laaaa la laaa la laaaaa.

    Sounds like the makings of a new holiday tune.

    I’m really sorry.

  3. Awwwww I’m so glad it’s not me. Hugs to you sweet friend! 🙂

  4. but wait is Queen mom your mom? House boy your bro?

  5. Yes, Queen Mom is my Mom. Houseboy is my 25 year old brother that lives with us.

    And actually, its all going better than I thought it would. We’re a family that is terrible, strangely close and we tend to get on eachothers nerves a lot.

    My in laws are on their way!

  6. Yikes! Hang in there – you brave, kind Queen!

  7. My family is right out of the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding… believe me when I say that I understand the concept of too much togetherness!
    Personally I’d had over the kids to Houseboy, turn meal time over to the grandparents, grab the Kaiser, a bottle of wine, and take a long bath! Nothing says the holiday’s like a big healthy dose of denial. 🙂
    Hang in there sister, it can’t last forever!
    Oh yeah, tell the Queen Mamma that she can carry her two darling grandbabies on an adventure, also known as shopping for the “right plates” any time she’s ready to.

  8. ahhh sounds like your having a hectic time hopefully it gets better than worse!

    Happy holidays

  9. Tis the season…I’m begining to hate everybody. Husband has become the Grinch. I’m still waiting for my eldest to let me know that they’re coming the day after Christmas. Huaband is not happy. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!

  10. Holy Crap. Start drinking now.

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