Confession Monday

If I haven’t told everyone already…I was really excited to have purchased and used a tablecloth for Christmas dinner. I know, you’re thinking to yourself, what sort of f’d up nut job blogs about her tablecloth? Not me. Nope. Not me.

I will, however, share with you yet one more example of why I am very different from my inlaws. After breaking out the good china, the gold flatware, and actually buying my first fancy tablecloth…my mother-in-law thought she’d help out by using a piece of used wrapping paper from the morning festivities and covering the second table, added at the last minute.

I promptly opened a bottle of wine. And continued cooking. I thanked her for helping.

Before you tell me how nice I am, realize I shouldn’t even be telling anyone this upset me. And I’m feeling very guilty for even admitting that something this stupid made me want to scream….But isn’t that what family is all about? Taking those little quirks and saying, dammit…Merry Christmas and I love you too. And calmly eating my prime rib on the used wrapping paper, positioned so thoughtfully next to my nice, new tablecloth.

(I’m still in stealth blogging mode. I’ll be back to commenting on everyone else’s blogs as soon as the Queen Mother gets on her plane later in the week! I miss you all horribly…I bet you if you come kidnap me, you might get some cool wrapping paper or fancy paper plates as ransom…)


  1. In the picture you can’t really tell that it is wrapping paper; maybe you can change the blog and say you bought TWO fancy table cloths! LOL

    Merry Christmas Week!

  2. You’re doing great my friend, keep it up. 🙂 The count down begins…
    Merry Christmas 🙂

  3. LOL! Ah, the different tastes in decorating that family members can have. Some people like a fancy new tablecloth, some like used wrapping paper. Wonder if she got that trick from Martha? 😉

    Sounds like you’re doing a great job keeping the peace. Do your in-laws get you weird gifts? I’m curious to hear about the haul.

  4. I had a few moments like that today too……..yet I managed not to blog about them. My family and hubby’s family read my blog and as tempting as it is to bitch about them on the blog, I would only regret it later….holy babbling….okay all I meant to say is that I can relate. But your balls are bigger than mine. LOL!
    Merry Christmas!

  5. i dont see what the big deal is. so what? christmas doesn’t have to be perfect, plus, the wrapping paper is a cute idea.

  6. Maybe she thought that she was saving the white table cloth?

    Yeah…she could of at least folded or cut it, so it SOMEWHAT resembled a runner….

  7. Christina–I’ve learned to be VERY specific on gifts. VERY. VERY. Although for two years running my mother in law has given me a thong. Either she does not realize what they are…or she really wants more grandkids.

    Karen—I have very small balls. The fam does NOT know about the blog. Close friends know. The hubby, obviously knows…but not the parents.

    Anon—did you miss me saying “guilty” ??? I just really wanted to show the difference in my families…and to highlight my insanity over small things. And I set a very nice table. And worked really hard to set a very nice table. I had not planned on used wrapping paper. She also tried to use the plastic wrap that came off some gifts to wrap leftovers…but that’s another story.

  8. Um, well, that’s some snazzy recycling?

    Hey, hang in there, stealth blogger! You can make it 🙂

  9. Stealth blogger! I know you are all picturing me, sneaking into the computer room in a trench coat!

  10. You win the “holiday patience” award. 😉

    I used a tablecloth too – it was white. With two kids at the table… It is white no more.

  11. we, uh, arent as organized i guess. we had all the food brought over to our home by the grandmothers. it was part of my christmas gift that i did NO cooking AT ALl this year. they set it out on the counter, broke out the tv trays and paper plates. we had soda from the can. everything went into the trash, the left overs went home with their makers. my home was tidy twenty minutes after they left. I LOVE IT!

  12. Awww, I so feel for you! You’re right about putting up with the quirks of family and saying Merry Christmas just to get through it. You’re such a saint, er, Queen about it!

  13. I know the feeling. My mother in law is the same way. On Thanksgiving I did everything I could to make it all perfect, and then she threw a fit saying we should be eating off of styrofoam because it is tradition. They make you want to scream!!

  14. I understand the frustration with your “helpful” mother-in-law

    I have to spend every Thanksgiving at my parents. My mom drives me NUTS with her inability to cook a simple meal without making a major production of it, and the problems only multiply at a holiday! I yearn to have them come down here so I can do all the cooking and just enjoy the holiday!

    But 3 years ago my dad was very ill–he had to have 2 major surgeries in 6 weeks and we weren’t sure he’d see another holiday season.

    He did. And now every year when I lament what I’d like to do for the holidays I remind myself I still HAVE a dad to go home to. And a mom, and in-laws I love.

    One day they won’t be there any more–and one day your mom and m-in-law won’t be there. And you’ll be able to have everything just so.

    But you know what? I don’t think it’ll be perfect without them there interfering.

    Martha Stewart is a twit. Holidays are NOT about fine china or perfectly ironed tablecloths and exquisite centerpieces. They’re about interfering mother-in-laws and sticky fingered kids and meals where the food doesn’t look like it was made at a caterers but tastes like heaven!

    As you said, that’s what family is all about–the quirks. THAT’S what makes a holiday truly “perfect”!

    Happy Holidays!

  15. I can so relate! I know it’s not just the wrapping paper on the table but a culmination of all of the other ways she’s been “helpful.” She’s probably already gone by now, but if not, hang in there!

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