Guinness Wannabe

We have Guinness prodigy on our hands here. The director at Count Waffle’s nursery school is checking her books. She thinks our little man just might be the Boo-Boo Slip record holder. I guess its better than that guy with the longest ear hair in the world. I think.

It seems that Mr. Daredevil exhibits no fear on the playground. Thus landing on his ass and head often. When the kids get hurt enough to mention (because they get hurt more than this? and they don’t tell me??) said kid gets sent home with one of these “ouch” slips:We’re on slip # 7. SEVEN.
That particular slip talks about the Count swinging. Just swinging. And then, randomly, letting go.
“Because I didn’t want to hold the sides anymore Mommy. I just wanted to sit and swing.”
The good news here (I’m laughing as I type good) is that this is typical 4-year old behavior. The Count will not be 3 until the end of March.
But if he is advanced, will too many cracks on the head knock him back into average?


  1. Well, we all have to be good at something? 🙂
    Every time I see that kid I giggle, he’s sooooo cute! You know, I need to keep up with this stuff as they will be future cell mates… I haven’t let it go.

  2. Me niether. And some other mommy blogs are just now picking up on it and getting catty. Caddy? Catty…I think.

  3. Oh. And that frame behind him? That was the big gift I worked on for the Kaiser for Xmas. All the movie’s he’s worked on…framed!

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