My PJ Party was a sad affair

I got Princess Peanut in her PJ’s…and she pooped through them. So I put her back in her clothes.

Count Waffles the Terrible refused to put his PJ’s on at ALL. Then wouldn’t allow me to take his picture at ALL.

I finally got my PJ’s on…and HRH Peanut wanted to nurse for 16 hours, non stop. So here is the one and only photo you are getting Running2K’s. Everyone can find the other PJ party participants (and they actually participated, as opposed to my sorry clan) over at Running’s place.

We suck. Literally.


  1. AWWW you tried!!!! 🙂 Sorry it was a hard day.

  2. you have no idea.

  3. Hee, I love the editing–very subtle!

    Here’s hoping for a somewhat smoother weekend experience…

  4. I had no time…and I figured no one really wanted to see my nipple stretched out. Not that I mind showing it…but it just wasn’t pretty.

  5. I’ll take it. I am glad to see you at the party. I see you provided your own snacks 🙂

  6. Catty? Who? You must email.

    Running– You never cease to make me giggle…LOL..

  7. LOL love the editing. My 17 year old would not pose in her jammies either 😉

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