Be nice, but feel free to tell me to shove it. Nicely

Think gay families are just as good as “traditional” families?
Think Brad and Angelina are the reason society is falling apart?
Is Hollywood to blame for the decline of “morals” in our society?
Or something like that.

Allison and I are over at Geronimo debating . Come join us.


  1. OK, nicely here. You can’t say I think these things are THE reason for the decline of society. Art follows culture, or culture follows art, and all that. Well, I mean, I guess, you can say that, but that’s not what I meant, just so you know. Now, gloves off! 😉

  2. I know I know. But you wanted Traffic, didn’t you????

  3. and I did say…or something like that. 🙂

  4. Oh yeah…the traffic…you whore! Bring it on b*tch! (sounds of slapping)

  5. Get the feeling we’re the only ones caring about our little conversation. Crickets chirping all over blogland.

    Who cares. I’m having fun.

    And I could totally kick your ass. And I don’t use *. Wuss.

  6. It’s no debate for me.

    Gay marriage should be allowed. Period.

    All marriages should work to be forever–too many people marry and divorce too easily.

    Marriage is love.

  7. Yeah…you could kick my a**. I am a wu**. Just kidding. Ass. Wuss. Bitch. There. I did it. You could get it cause this Jesus dude is kinda all about turning the other cheek, not ass kicking. And I’ve already sort of thrown my hat into that freaky Jesus ring. And you’re brave enough (or brazen enough) to flip people off whilst they knit in their cars. So I’d be put in my place for sure. But really, who in their right mind knits in their car?!? And R2Ks, I hear you. And I know many many people, whom I really care about and like, feel the same way. And Queenie, I’ll go another round just because I don’t want to start supper. Da** the crickets.

  8. What I’ve never understood is the whole “protecting the sanctity of marriage” argument.

    I mean, if they really want to worry about the sanctity of marriage why don’t they petition to outlaw divorce? Wouldn’t that be more effective than worrying about keeping two people that are ready to commit to each from getting hitched?

    And why does it matter? WHY do so many people care if Jim and Joe get married? Seems to me it’d help my insurance premiums to go down. Works for me! �

  9. These are incongruities I agree with, also. And no state, fed, or anyone else, can “protect” anything. We protect what we feel needs protecting. All of us. I’ve never really seen a case where the gov’t can do squat for me, or anyone else. I’m a bit of a libertarian that way. I’m not really into much legislation of anything, these issues included.

  10. I just read most of it, as I’m trying to make dinner, but uh… feeling a little put off. I left a comment. May be I’m just confused.

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