Order of Saint Anne, February Edition

Throughout history, monarchs realized the value and necessity of rewarding gallantry in battle and loyal service, often by awarding gifts of land or money, or some sort of title or sign of merit as a mark of distinction. This was particularly the case when the first sovereign of a new dynasty succeeded to or took the throne and therefore needed to ensure that their supporters’ loyalty was rewarded. – Monarchy Today.

In that spirit, I, Queen of Spain, declare open the third “Order of St. Anne” competition. “Annie,” as I commonly refer to her, is the patron Saint of mothers, pregnancy, housewives…and less notably, lace makers, Detroit, cabinetmakers, and miners.

This month is all about Valentine’s and love people. Can you feel the love??? And this time around, I want PHOTO posts. You heard me…upload those love pics. Just show me love. Your version of love. Love for your kids. Your partner. Your Mom. Your hamster. Whatever. I just want to see a photo of what you call love. Post the photo with a story. Without one. Whatever-then leave a comment with the link.

This month’s winner gets their choice of one of these.
Once again, don’t make me get all PriceWaterhouseCoopers on your ass with rules. You get the idea. Play fair. I am the Queen. I will pick one entry for whatever reason I see fit. That blog will be named “Annie’s Knight” for the month, and featured here on the Queen and her Royal Family in the sidebar for the month of February, knocking out last month’s winner, Kdubs. Friends and relatives can play. I’m the Queen, I do what I want. Nonbloggers can e-mail me at QueenofSpainblog@yahoo.com and we can work to publish your entry or find you a blog to post on.

You have until January 30th to get your post up. I’m getting ready for BlogHer’s new site launch…so have fun playing with this post for awhile.

Now, go make me want to knight you…


  1. here is the web page for my picture! http://watchingmegrow.blogspot.com/2006/01/oh-love.html

  2. Ra Ra everyone! 🙂 Wahoo!

  3. Here’s our entry though I know there’s a better one somewhere. I still love this one though. Thanks for the add to your Blogroll. Good luck all.

  4. Helps if I put the link in I suppose. Sigh.

  5. http://swiperbootsdora.blogspot.com/
    My humble entry, your grace…

  6. I submit, your highness…
    my entry to your contest!
    A post just for you!

  7. I made it back in time to enter! Here is my entry

    BTW, congrats on the new gig!

  8. My EntrySubmitted for your approval.

  9. http://www.launchexhaust.blogspot.com

    I hope this fits your criteria. Emily took the shot and made the scrapbook page, so she should get all the credit for anything. I’m just the knuckle-dragging fool who thought it would be post-worthy.

  10. You MAY just regret asking for photos of hamster love.

    I’m just sayin’ …. haha

  11. My entry is ready for you to examine at your leisure!

  12. How fun! Thanks for running another contest, you’re the best!

    This is my entry, I had a lot of fun with it 🙂


  13. Hey sweetie,
    Just stoppping in to say hey and hoping your doing well and may be a tad better. I hope your family time this weekend was good. 🙂



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  16. I woke up this morning to find that a scrapbook page of mine had been uploaded by my dear spouse for your contest! Can men enter the Order of St. Anne?

    Of course, he did give me credit.

  17. OK– I am posting a true love pix for ya! It is of my husband and me at PROM 21 years ago! This year we celebrate our 20th anniversary, so i guess it really was true love. Anyway, it will be up in a few minutes, barring a sudden calamity happening over here…

  18. Here is my entry:


  19. Fun! Here’s my entry:

    Love, love, love

  20. Am working on it now. It’ll be up by days end. Yes, yes, it will.

    But it’ll be a montage. Hope that’s okay …

  21. Here I am, in under the wire, I hope …

    How Does He Know???


  22. Dumbo … posted the wrong url:


    There’s the correct one.


  23. My humble entry your highness…

  24. If I’m late, I’m late. But at least this allows all of you blogger-friends of mine to see my lovely daughters finally.

    Here’s the link:


  25. Not late at all—beautiful girls!

    Everyone has until midnight my time tonight—thats west coast people!

  26. I may be late on this. (Probably am.) But, I’m de-lurking to share with you. Aren’t you lucky?

    Here’s my link:

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