Girls. Period.

It is a girl day around here.

Princess Peanut turns 10-months old today. She heralded the milestone by somehow giving me my period back and reminding me that those pregnancy ‘roids never really go away.

Thinking of you, I grabbed the hubby’s electric razor in the shower this weekend. I have three gashes on my whoo-ha. I refused the toddler’s insistence that I “put an Elmo bandaid on your ba-gyna boo boo, Mommy?”

So let’s round out being totally girly today by going over to the BRAND NEW BLOGHER site and giving everyone some love.

You’ll find me under Politics and News, and you might find some of yourselves blogrolled already…I started to add you all to the list over there and got sidetracked with ‘roids, tampons, and ba-gyna boo boos. So go register and blogroll yourselves.
And bask in the wonder that is woman.


  1. Happy 10 months, Princess Peanut!

    And, Queen…um…ow?

    OK, new tip for you – DO NOT use the magic shaving powder until those cuts have healed.

  2. Yikes – I can’t deal with 2 bleeding orifices (thanks to Mrs. Roid) — anyhoo, I bought the Magic stuff – it’s on the way. I hope it works like um magic.

    Congrats on the 10 months AND the blogher…

  3. Congratulations to Princess Peanut and best of luck on the new Blogher! I’m heading there now!

  4. Poor you. I’m dreading that day. I know it’ll come soon … I can feel the cramps already, but hey, I guess it’s the way it goes.

    I feel for you. Am very happy for Peanut. I was thinking she and Agassi were the same age, well, not quite yet.

    On my way over to Blogher now. Cool gig you got. 😉


  5. I can’t believe you used an electric razor down there. I learned my lesson once after using one, and I vow to never use an electric razor on my whoha EVER again!!

  6. All I have to say is ouch ouch ouch.
    Happy 10 month birthday to the little one 🙂

  7. Wow. We did period posts on the same day. I don’t know if we should be embarassed or if we should do research on if you spend enough time on someone elses blog if your cycles will move to the same rhythms – like with roommates.

  8. that’s just freaky

  9. my husband said that’s what you get for taking the husband’s razor. I smacked him for you and told him I used his yesterday. He was speechless. I’m happy.

    Sorry to hear about your pain. I had such a hard time explaining my hysterical, tear induced laughter to my mother in law. My husband was mortified that I read the post to her (her being a JW and all). I thought it was rather amusing, the ba-gyna part, not the pain part of course. Good luck next time (if there is a next time)

  10. You know, I’ve never heard you on the radio – but I could hear your reporter voice in that BlogHer post. Good job.

    (And I’m thinking Robey and the princess might share a birthday … or pretty close. His is Mar. 31).

  11. Peanut is March 30th. Count Waffles is March 24th. DOUBLE BIRTHDAY PARTY BABY! Until they are old enough to protest, anyway.

    Thanks for the BlogHer props. My mom calls my radio voice my “big girl voice” and my brother refused to listen to me on air for years. I don’t know what that means. If you want a taste of the “voice” you can hear me playing the role of the traffic reporter in

  12. Happy Birthday, little Princess!

    Ok Erin.. how did you manage to cut yourself w/an electric razor??

    Never mind.

  13. WOW, You get your period back after 10 months? I wonder when I will get mine? I did hear breastfeeding delays it…must go check PG books!

  14. Double birthday parties were always a part of my life. My mom’s b-day is the day before mine, so growing up I never had my own birthday cake or party. It was always “ours”.

    Even today, the family takes us out together for our birthdays. I’ve never known differently, so I don’t mind.

  15. Side note for Erin and Alison – Robey and Waffles were born exactly one week apart. One Monday Erin called and said she had a baby boy and it was a c-section and the next Monday Alison called and said she had a baby boy and it was a c-section. It was a very big week for small men in my life.

  16. dude. my year-long fissure could kick your ‘roids… um… ass.


    thank god it really DID get better eventually.

  17. You got ten months off?! My period came back at six weeks. The lochia hadn’t really stopped yet. And yes, I breasted, every three hours around the clock. My little guy is now ten months (March 29th) and he is so sharing a party with Daddy (April 6th) and Grandpa (March 24th). My sister and I are twins, so I’m used to double birthday parties. Love your site, by the way. Ohio Mama

  18. Actually, mine came back around 6 months postpartum!!! But it wasn’t really on time, or right, or lasting long. But this 10 months one was the first time is was actually a 28 days, lasted 5 days thing. So I’m calling it officially.

    Crap. But I guess its this or get preggos. And god knows I’m not ready for that yet.

    Thanks for stopping by Ohio Mama!

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