Daddy’s kids

Enjoy Princess Peanut Punk as Fuck. Note the grin on the Kaiser…

…Daddy also taught Count Waffles an alternative to “excuse me” after a fart…it’s now “smell the love.”

p.s. I’m over at BlogHer today.


  1. Rock on, baby!

    Way too cute.

    As for “smell the love”….bad daddy. Bad, bad, daddy. Make sure he’s the one to explain it to the relatives and playgroups when Count Waffles exclaims that in their company.

  2. “Smell the love”, eh? That’s gonna go over GREAT at school. Unfortunately dads are notorious for teaching kids these things. They’re incourageable.

  3. My children usually say “nice one”.

  4. That was cute,
    I’ll have to say that from now on… XD

  5. LOVE it!!

  6. LOLOLOL the baby cracks me up. Does she ever not have that smile???

    AND I FEEL SO SPECIAL! I checked out Blog Her. How exciting! 🙂 I feel as though I should bow. Thank you, thank you. Hee hee hee…


  7. Great Video! LOL – I can’t wait to teach that one to Sierra!

  8. Happy love day! SMOOCH!


  9. Rock on VonMotorhead baby, rock on.

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