Jekyll and Hydie

It infuriates me, this weekend Jekyll and Hyde my kids pull when Daddy is home. I feel like they spend Saturday and Sunday making a big, fat liar out of me.

…I swear, just yesterday she would only nurse to sleep. No, really…Normally he won’t share that toy with his sister…

I expect my children to act different with Daddy. But I feel robbed. Jipped. Totally scammed. It’s like I’ve spent all week at the hardest job on earth, barely making it through. Barely keeping my hair combed. Barely getting dinner cooked, keeping the house somewhat respectable…and come Saturday anyone hanging out with all of us would think I hallucinate the drama Monday through Friday.

I feel like the Kaiser must think, somedays, I make it all up.

I told him the other night that sometimes, by Sunday night, the kids seem “back to normal” when he’s around. But not totally. This Sunday, for instance, the Count had a nice little meltdown in the middle of the NBA All-Star game. VINDICATION! And as an added bonus, the Princess does that screaming thing she does only because her brother is doing it. DOUBLE VINDICATION! So what did I do?

Pointed it out to the Kaiser, of course.

“See! See!!”

He kinda shrugged.

I’m still not sure he believes me.


  1. I almost look forward to Mondays because then everything is normal again. Drives me freakin’ nuts.

  2. It’s kinda like on the weekend when we go somewhere, and some idiot waits an extra 3 seconds to go after the light turns green. I get all mad and you look at me like I’ve over reacted because really, what’s 3 seconds. Hmmmm… maybe it’s just because I deal with traffic all week long…

  3. LOL Of course things run smoother because there are now two of you, which is, happily, less stressful. You are not as stressed because you have a second pair of hands. Ya know? And the Kaiser has a point, he only deals with it on the weekends. He gets to go back to work outside of the home on MONDAY lol…

    I feel your pain. My son LOVES my hubby. In fact, now that he’s getting older it’s no girls aloud. Yes, even at bedtime. Now he ONLY wants my husband to read and snuggle with him. Imagine. It used to just be US. Sigh.

    So now I secretly want a girl so I can have GIRL time. LOL….


  4. The same thing happens here. Thursday and Friday, Cordy fought her naps, and Friday she didn’t even get a small nap. Saturday and Sunday, Aaron put her down for her nap, and she happily went to sleep.

    Then he looks at me and wonders why she wouldn’t nap for me. Argh!

  5. Me too.

  6. My favorite is Agassi … won’t sleep for more than like 20mins with me … Brad holds him and he’s out for HOURS!!!!

    Nice. Real nice Agassi.

    I guess it’s just how it all goes, you know? Part of the joys of motherhood.


  7. Same here. Just one of the perks.

  8. Not much changes here on the weekends. Miss Thing still follows me around all day long asking me to play. I have to tell her to “go show Daddy, go tell Daddy, go ask Daddy.” But I do feel less pressured when he’s home, because I can at least just ASK him to do something with her, whereas during the week of course it’s just me and the kid.

    About the pictures – That pic of the count is hilarious. I can’t tell what he’s doing, so if I’m commenting on a picture taken during a crying fit, I’m sorry, but it looks really funny. ha ha! As for Peanut, omigod, I was taken by surprise by that picture. I saw it and then couldn’t stop looking at it out of surprise. Since she was born I’ve been trying to figure out a family resemblance, and in that picture I CLEARLY see the Kasier and in her face! It’s the shit-eating grin, I think. Hee.

  9. Ah, I’m lucky(?) in that Arianna is UNIVERSALLY bad. She doesn’t care if it’s in front of daddy, mommy, the neighbors, random people on the street….

    At any rate, Martin believes me. He’s seen it in action too many times. And he readily admits that she WILL NOT listen to me.


  10. My sisters two daughters do the EXACT same thing (and hey, they’re teenagers now! but they used to do it when they were little). I suppose every child does this at some point … I love those pics, too! SO very cute!

  11. Typical. Just typical. hrmph. Mine does the same thing…

  12. I have a solution: video tape it.

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