Only in Los Angeles

You don’t just get to stand in line with normal people while waiting for a prescription…you get Joe Isuzu and his daughter.

That’s almost as good as our LAX David Hasslehoff sighting.


  1. Neither are as cool as when you saw Carol Brady.

  2. Yup—at the Getty!

  3. Does Joe have PPD?

  4. No-but he really could have used a lint brush.

  5. What about the time we had dinner with Ginger from Gilligan’s Island but couldn’t figure out who she was at the time. Then again, she looks a little different now.

  6. Btw, on the Hasselhoff link, ewwwwwww.

  7. …or the time we saw Booger from Revennge of the Nerds while eating at the Cheesecake factory

  8. We saw Tia Carerra that same day…

  9. Only in LA! We once ran into a drunk Kirk Douglas in the middle of the day… my Tibetan Buddhist monk friend used to live at Steven Seagal’s house so I used to hand out there… many such stories abound in LA!

    I read your previous posts too! Laurie is truly amazing! I looooveeee her!

    As for the ass incident… my daughter calls my breasts “little boobies” and my son was peeking into my shirt yelling “Where are my breasts?”… nuf’ said!

  10. Speaking of Hasselhoff… have y’all seen his Hooked on a feeling video?

    (Sorry I don’t know how to link from the comments section).

    Anyway, TOO FUNNY!!

  11. Man that’s cool. I’ve had so few celebrity run-ins.

  12. Last time I was there, I saw Mickey Dolenz having dinner with his family at the Hard Rock in Hollywood. And yes, I was bold enough to ask for his autograph and got it! LOL

    Wonder who I’ll meet this time? (Kevin Eubanks… pleeeeease!)

  13. One time when we came to visit I said hi to Frank McCourt in LAX.

    I was really hung over and I thought I knew him.

    He is very short.

  14. What prescription was he picking up? (Just kidding!)

  15. Wow…he’s goofy looking! If you ever see Joaquin Phoenix…give him my address please! 🙂

  16. You know, now I will always have this strange Joe Isuzu/lint connection in my mind.

    I’ll probably think about lint brushes every time I see ANY Isuzu. I hope you are happy now.

  17. …just like when I see Charlie Sheen I think about how big his pores are. Or when I see Meathead I think about folic acid.

    It is very strange having you as a friend.

    I may or may not stop commenting now.

  18. Ah yes–the infamous Charlie talk. And meathead. Oh, meathead.

    Is anyone else left wanting more from Miz B up there? Was this the crazy Steven Segal with Kelly LeBrock? I must know more.

    Tracy Gold shops at my Target ALL THE TIME.

  19. i used to love that guy. i was so sad when he wasn’t on the commercials anymore.

    i’m going to email you a hippo picture that i think you’ll like… be on the lookout.

  20. We ran into The Hoff in Times Square before Christmas. God, he’s still hot.

    And ditto for the Joaquin Phoenix!

  21. Ha ha! This is great. I loved those commercials!

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