Of Hippos and Saints-let the diet begin

I have not forgotten about the Order of Saint Anne contest this month, I swear. Instead I was thinking we’ll make it a Hippo Diet incentive. Most lbs. lost gets a mug and April’s slot as Annie’s Knight.

At last check, about 10 of you were game for starting the Queen’s Hippo weight loss program. Here we go!
Diets (of any kind) start on Monday. I will keep track of participant’s weight loss via email at queenofspainblog@yahoo.com. Personally, I’ll be doing Weight Watchers, but you do whatever works for you.

I’ll keep a post of progress going at least weekly and more if the competition really heats up.

I’d like everyone to post a before photo on their blog on Monday. You don’t need to post your weight, just email me with what you lost weekly. I know. I know. But I will do it too, and we’ll have a record of our fat, hippo asses as incentive.

Tell your friends. The more we all band together on this, the more we can support eachother. Bathingsuit season is around the corner people. If we start now, we may not all have to wear those grandma skirts at the beach.

Come on HIPPOS! Let’s do it!!!

p.s. I’m at BlogHer today


  1. Sounds like fun!

    So is this just aa one month competition?

    I’m having a blond day… take pity on me!

  2. We’ll take it one month at a time…could be one, could be three years. We’ll see!

  3. I’ll cheer lead…. WAHOO! As I’m suppose to be gaining weight. Boo.

  4. I was all for playing until I got to the part about the “before” picture…

  5. …says the woman in PINK chaps on her blog. So not buying that Laurie!

  6. I’m totally in. Now to find a before pic I don’t totally hate.

  7. I’m in. We don’t have to be in spandex or sports bras for our picture do we?

  8. Not fair! I went through my diet years ago and have kept it off! I wanted to play! *pout*

    Oooh! So you wanted more dish on Steven Seagal? Well, I mentioned some bits of it here but yes, the Steven Seagal married once to the Woman in Red. I hung out with his son a couple of times too (Kintaro, from his first marriage which was to a Japanese woman). I didn’t like Steven. He was fat, high and a perv. Kintaro was sweet but he barely talked and man was he a chain smoker! He eventually moved back to Japan I think because he wasn’t too happy with Steven. I’ll reserve more dirt for later! ;-P

    Good luck to all with the dieting!

  9. Let me think on it whilst I scarf down the lemon drop cheesecake leftovers from dinner last night…

    I wouldn’t be able to fool you AT ALL. You would check out my girth at the conference. Dang!

    Must. Come. Up. With. New. Plan.

  10. Ooooh! A dieting tidbit… avoid sucking on things (candy people!) and chewing gum and the like… it gets the acids in the stomach going making it think that food is on the way, saliva in the mouth gets activated and the body is set to break down food…. no food comes, you feel hungry and the hunger pangs are unbearable often inducing one to eat, eat, eat! Holistic health professionals normally say avoid gum for such reasons!

    Nothing much, I know! I did say it was only a tidbit! Dios Mio! ;-P

  11. Two small problems.
    I’m totally in, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t weigh myself due to my eating disorder, and as the “official” family photographer I’m not in the pics. I mean, I could be, but I’m also not photogenic which is why I take them.
    So I guess I’m not really in, but auditing the course.

  12. Alrighty, the rules here are pretty lax folks. So post a pic, don’t post a pic-whatever. Show me you in your bathing suit, show me your kid-either way. Just try and keep track somehow. Maybe pant sizes, maybe pounds, maybe by how your hubster fondles you more frequently. Email it to me weekly, as a good faith sign of progress. Maybe just the number of times you actually walked around the block, instead of walked to the fridge.

    Just play along, and get off your hippos butts!

    You know me, I’m easy. Tell me how your kid can no longer grab flab, and you might win a shirt.

  13. Mine’s up…

  14. the kaiser says:

    Mic check 1 2 1 2

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