Waddle Waddle Quack Quack

It was almost as good as Christmas, without the mess. Or inlaws.

I realize this may seem trivial to you, but Count Waffle’s head nearly exploded when he came downstairs this morning to find ducks in our pool.

He’s named them Baynasor and Jaynaysor or some such nonsense. And he’s telling everyone. We weren’t out of the car in the school parking lot this morning when he was attempting to tell other mother’s getting out of their cars. I think this is the biggest thing to happen to this child since cupcakes. (yes, a cupcake reference. I’m hungry, so sue me)

All of this also reminds me that this child of mine is growing an imagination. And I feel like I’m 3 again watching it all. He tells me stories of fish and the sea and what color the fish is (orange) and his name (Didgit) and his friends (a snail and a shark). He talks about the sea tickling his toes and pretends to see shooting stars on our bedroom ceiling. He likes to tell me how it was dark inside my belly, and he heard pretty music while he was being born.

We planted a garden together a few weekends ago. And every morning Count Waffles wants to check and see if there are cherries or strawberries or tomatoes or apples yet. When we get outside, he’s fascinated by a pill bug and will tell you all about it for the rest of the day.
“Did the pill bug crawl, mommy?”
“Was the pill bug tickling me?”

His innocence knocks me to my knees and reminds me how special childhood can be. How wonderful life really is. And how thankful and giddy this Mom can be to watch her son, watch a few ducks splash in a pool.


  1. How sweet! That’s what people who don’t have kids will never really get, how much wonder, excitement and joy we get from living with them. 🙂

  2. Those were very sweet thoughts cutie.

    I’m trying to get past that you have a pool, can we live with you? LOL??

    NO really.

    You did say you wanted another baby around the house? 🙂


  3. Just great. Imagine cleaning that out in the spring… ?

  4. You are just like Tony Soprano!

  5. Awww…ducks! How cute! The Canadian Geese are back here and they’re ALL OVER Columbus. Aaron says I have a strange fascination with water fowl.

    I can’t wait when Cordy is a little older and I can share in stories like those with her. I’ve always been one of those people who still marvels at the little things in life, so I’ll be sharing her wonder right along with her!

  6. mmm…cupcakes….No! MUST NOT make cupcakes. Darnit, you made me hungry, too!

    It always amazes me what kids will come up with.

  7. That is so very sweet! The mind of a child is a beauteous thing!

  8. I love him and his fish named Didgit. He and Bella should have a playdate. Or maybe not. Trouble, trouble she has been lately!

    And that cat looks pret-ty darn interested in those ducks, too!

  9. Hey, I’m with KDubs… can we live with you?? 🙂

    Kids are great (when they’re not driving you nuts… and even then they’re worth hanging on to!)!

    I gotta go with the Count on this one, how COOL are the ducks? 🙂 Pretty cat too.

  10. Couple days late, but I wanted to let you know that I loved, loved, loved this post. :o) How great that the Count could be so excited about something that’s in your own back yard. Awesome! And I love hearing about his imagination, too. Hee hee!

    Sending you good luck vibes for the birthday parties. At least you’ll have a slew of adults without kids (the grandparents, I mean) there to help out… Whee… The picture of the “table” being set on the hot tub was awesome! HA HA HA HA HA HA!

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