You should be very jealous

Today the Kaiser and I got to see Laurie from Stranded in Suburbia fame. We ate, we drank. She’s just as cool as you think she is!!! We could only leave the royal snotfest at our house for a short time…but it was fun!!

I think the Kaiser came because he heard “internet friend” and “pink chaps.”

Actually, I invited him, after hearing Sarah’s tale of hoping to not be killed when she met Lumpyhead’s Mom, I needed a backup.

That’s not really true either. The truth is we have babysitters and got the hell out of our house…together.

I highly recommend meeting your blogging friends in real life.


  1. AWWWWW No fair!

  2. How fun!

    I wish I could meet my blogging friends in real life, but Ohio isn’t exactly blogging central.

    If I could find a way, I’d love to go to BlogHer 2006 just to finally “meet” all the wonderful moms and dads I get to know online.

  3. Here’s the thing:

    We WILL meet at BlogHer.
    You WILL post about how jealous everyone should be upon meeting me.
    I MIGHT kill you if you don’t stick out your tongue in a pic together with me.
    I WILL blog where I hid your body. You know, like a treasure hunt. It will be titled, “Where’s The Queen NOW?”

    I tease because I obsess.

  4. Great pics! 😉

    It was sooooo great to finally meet you and the Kaiser – thanks again for coming out to Burbank and the fab lunch! I only wish we could have spent more time together, ya know? But we’ll meet again in July!


  5. You’re right–I AM jealous. But only for the time being, my friend…only for now. bwahahahaaaaaa.

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