Mutha Bloggin for the Masses

I am very happy to announce I am joining the ranks of some kick ass Mom’s over at DotMoms.

If you haven’t spent time over there as of yet, I highly recommend it. Start reading some posts, and the next thing you know you’ve clicked a good few dozen times and spent a good hour reading.

Speaking of sitting on your butt and reading…get me your Hippo Diet progress report by the end of the week. I’m announcing the winner (so far) by the 31st and that thinning person will be Annie’s Knight for April. You get to hang out on my sidebar and everything. E-mail me with your “version” of diet progress at

And as a little reward for stopping by today, here is my beloved Kaiser and his rendition of some Disney Princess song from some goofy bedtime book. Yes, the video is dark…but it was bedtime, what do you want from me? Just turn up your volume and TRUST ME. Enjoy.


  1. THAT was awesome.

  2. He’s a total rock star.

    I’m hauling The Squad down to Tower Records to buy the album this afternoon.

  3. LOL! He’s totally got a career in children’s entertainment!

  4. Ok may be it’s sleep deprivation but I’m in tears from laughing. Oh. Sigh. LOLOLOL… that sounds like my hubby. LOLLOL..

  5. I’m lovin’ it! Thanks for the Monday morning laugh!

  6. Wow. Why has he not been asked to sing for a Disney movie? Soooo funny!

  7. There’s vocal talent… and then there’s the kaiser’s performance… hmmm… i have no words… just… well… spectacular (-ly bad…sorry kaiser!!!! but hilarious!!!)

  8. The Disney execs are going to be knocking on your door any moment now!

  9. After singing Disney Princess songs I went downstairs, drank some scotch, ate a steak, worked on the car, and invaded another country. I’m all man.

  10. Which country did you invade, honey?

  11. All of them.

  12. HA HA HA HA HA! You guys are a freakin’ HOOT!

    Happy belated b-day to the Count! Sweet Pea kept telling me this weekend that she was going to a birthday party with her kitty… maybe she felt b-day vibes from your house.

    Are all your parents home now?

  13. LOL! He just sounds so enthused!

    AND! The Queen is everywhere! Good for you!

  14. It works for my 4 year old, he keeps asking me to play it again…

  15. That’s awesome. I mean, in those 15 seconds I understood what it would have been like if I had grown up with a dad. Whew.

  16. Welcome from a fellow DotMom’er. I can’t wait to read your posts there. If they are anything like your blog this should be a hoot! 🙂

  17. That Dada is a real horrible singer, just about as bad as my Father. He was quite shitty and very hillarious in the singing dept. I got a good laugh!

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