I would soooooooo kick her ass.

If anyone is in the mood for some pushing and shoving, Captain Mom is picking a fight with me.

Go tell her I said “hi!”and add your two cents.

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  1. I did enjoy your comment there – well said. I’m the guy she is misquoting in the post. Lucky me.

  2. It’s not just you QofS, she’s mad about a lot of things. I’m finding more and more that Jesus Freaks (her term, not mine) spend a lot of time being righteous indignated. She’s mad about a boycott called against child abusers, and the fact that her opinions didn’t receive verification from a certain group of homeschool bloggers she wishes to be part of.


    It doesn’t surprise me at all that she’s been involved in other “wars”. Some people thrive on drama, you know?

  3. Well, if her sidebar didn’t block most of the main content of her blog post, I could have read it all… however, from what I could read.. she’s scarily like the people that I helped protect a soldier’s family from on Monday.

    Why is it that so many Christians are narrow-minded, hateful, judgemental.. and all the other things that Jesus was NOT? That’s why I am proud to be the Kabbalist/Buddhist/New Age mama that I am!

  4. PS – just want to clarify my statement, so as not to offend any normal Christians – note in my statement that I said some Christians, not all Christians. But really, there are too many that are fundamentalist whackos like that. One of my favorite bloggers, Dr. John (www.fortresslinna.blogspot.com), is a Lutheran pastor. Yeah, I said favorite, because though he is a man of the church, he is also the most accepting, non judgemental, open and loving man… and that, to me is what exemplifies being a Christian.

    Peace out.

  5. I think that she’s spoiling for a fight. I read her post, and the posts it linked to. If she honestly believes all that crap, she’s ignorant. At least you have the peace of knowing that your children will grow up to be more understanding and open minded individuals; people who will make the world a better place, not add to the anger and hatred already here.

  6. I read her post.


    Someone here already spoke the truest words on the subject, which I will reiterate here: There are some people in the world who thrive on drama. These people are so sensitive and so opinionated but are unable to hear and value the opinions of others.

    If you chose not to hear her. If you chose to remove her words. That, as a blog owner IS YOUR RIGHT.

    As a good Christian shouldn’t she now turn the other cheek, or was that not a Christian thing? No, that was Ghandi, wasn’t it? Who the Hell knows?

    You seem like such a kind, accepting person, Queen of Spain. In fact, is there a Christian eating Monster behind your glasses? Do you laugh in the face of burning bibles? I sincerly doubt it. If I were you, I’d be totally non-responsive. She is being a bit childish.

  7. Holy Bible Thumper, Batman!!

    First, I have deleted comments from my own blog for my own reasons. I have been among the deleted comments by our Queen. It’s her frickin’ blog. She can delete til the cows come home. This Jesus Freak chic has some thin skin. (Oh, and let’s stop calling her a “Jesus Freak” – how ’bout just “Freak” for short – to save on space? K?)

    Okay, and next, I am a conservative/liberal Christian (what the hay, you say?). I just don’t fit fully into any categories – just like Jesus. So, while you all know we’re not ALL like her … just remember … WE’RE NOT ALL LIKE HER! And I take issue with the boring Christian blog thingy. I think mine is pretty cool. No teddy bears or du … du … ducks! (sorry, had to vomit)

    What is interesting is that she just felt the need to have verbal diarrhea. See, when people ask me directly and personally about my beliefs and values, I certainly address them honestly. I have nothing to hide, and I am not ashamed of my faith. However, if you don’t ask for it, I can figure out that ya’ you don’t care to hear it.

    Then again … it’s her blog. She can say what she wants.

    But, for God’s sake … I wish she would shut up!


    “Jesus Normal Person”

  8. For the record, I have never deleted comments from this blog-unless they were spam. Any that don’t appear have been by sheer blogger crappiness. Many have shown up hours late…as in the case of Captain Mom if everyone wants to go see- I certainly could not have logged in for her to recreate her comments. She’s in the Barbie Banned post.

  9. Well, I’ve stopped by. While I think she was way off-base in her misguided conflict (or whatEVER it was) with you, I don’t find her nearly as distasteful as that “Dani” character. Heaven help us. If you went to the linked blog, and thought IT was bad, check out this OTHER blog of hers:

    Total misguided, fundie whack-job, and I pity those children growing up like that. They will be totally unable to function in the world. And that post about the “pastor test?” Oh. My. Gosh. I go to a conservative Southern Baptist church, and if my pastor did those things (all the questions have “yes” as the desired answer), that church would empty out so fast it would make your head spin.

    I can’t get over it. Just…mind-boggling.

  10. ha! Well, see. That makes the whole thing even funnier. Maybe she should just come back over and post again so you can duke it out on your own turf.

    The only comments I’ve deleted were spam and the one pedophile that was kind enough to stop by and disgust my readers (that’s what I get for putting “vagina” in a post title!).

    I would love to respond to her. Just don’t have the three weeks it would take to address it all.

    Now Belinda has me all intrigued. Gotta’ go check out Dani!

  11. 1- How in the hell are you suppose to read anything on that chic’s blog with her sidebar all screwed up? and

    2- More proof that stupid people shouldn’t breed! Jeez, she needs to get off the cross the rest of us need the wood!

    Love your blog btw!

  12. Wow.

    I read it and after reading your reactions to the other site I didn’t go. I can not stand, no I simply freak out when people beat thier kids in the name of Jesus. Or, lash out and are hateful in the name of Jesus. Or think they are better than others in the name of Jesus.

    Makes you think. If they read the true accounts of His life and really wanted to follow Him thier lives would mirror love. That’s the greatest commandment… it says it over and over again. Not pretend to agree, but love.

    You know my beliefs. You know I may not always agree but I have no place to judge. Who is ANYONE to judge?

    And you know, I hate when people bash people on the internet. It’s getting really old. If you want to bash someone, do it to thier face. Ya know?

    Crap like this makes me want to quit bloggging.

    I must stop.

    Have a rad weekend with the fam.


  13. 1. Although I was goading a bit, I was not truly trying to enter into a fight with you, QOS. I really was asking about what seemed to be a discrepancy in the two posts concerning tanks and Barbies.

    2. I offered almost immediately to correct any statment that misrepresented you, Chris.

    3. I’m not mad about a lot of things, Almost Lazarus. I’m not even mad about this boycott. I just don’t think that if I spank our children from time to time that it ranks me being called a child beater. That makes me mad. Not anything else. And I’m not looking for verification from anyone else. What other wars? Just the one of the world we live in? Trust me, drama is not my thing. Why does an opinion like the one I set forth bring these kinds of comments, and when another blogger vehemently says certain people are wrong in their beliefs, but leans to the liberal, no one jumps their case?

    4. Laurie, I use a Mac that apparently does not gel with all PCs. There is nothing I can do to fix an issue on my sidebar that does not appear broken on my machine. Sorry. I also think I’ve clarified that I do not act out of hateful, narrow minded, judgmental feelings. I don’t even feel hate concerning the things I don’t agree with. I just don’t agree with certain things.

    5. Erin. I’m not spoiling for a fight. I’m just tired of not saying what I think. Every one else does. It’s just these more fundamental, conservative views that gets every one riled.

    6. Icancarry. You are right. Any blogger is entitled to delete any comment they wish. It’s just that when I thought this was the case, which it turned out not to be, it was curious, according to some other experiences I had. And it’s not childish to stand up for what you believe in the face of ridicule and opposition.

    7. Christine. Call me freak all you want. I also don’t fully fit into any one set of rules. I’ve already stated that. And I’m thrilled you seem to have, and have found other blogs you feel share your faith, that are not of the “du…du…duck” variety. But surely, you’ve seen what I’m talking about.

    8. Jo, I’m sure not stupid, and any children we have, or will have, will be nothing but a positive in this world. But thanks for the slam. And I’m not hung up there on any cross, there’s plenty of wood for us all.

    9. Kdubs…I don’t “beat my kids”. They occassionaly get a pop on a hand, or couple of swats on the behind. And as stated clearly on my site, I advocate NO hatred in the name of Jesus. Nor any crimes, nor any ridicule of others, no matter what they believe. The stuff that gets associated with “fundamental” Christians, is a blight on others of us who are more conventional, but do NOT participate in harrassing or hating others. To say I disagree with someone is NOT to be hatefull. It is to make a choice.

    Also, I have not bashed anyone, or as QOS stated, picked a fight. I had a real question, even if it could have been somewhat emotionally loaded, I really wondered how she felt about the 2 issues. And again, I’m not judging, I’m disagreeing. Where is the wrong in that? Don’t you disagree with other things that some people do, or feel, or believe? Like me for instance. You disagree with me. Does that make you hateful and judgemental?

    Just had to put those sorry cents worth in. Sometimes, things get out of context. There’s plenty of stuff to get pissed about, just didn’t want it to be unwarranted.

  14. And Queen? Just what do you have to kick my ass about? Wondering about your thinking that you publically stated? I really wondered about the issues of the tank and Barbie. Because you and I are on the opposite here, and just as I have given lots of thought to our decisions, you seem to for yours. And I come up pro-tank, and antip-Barbie, and you are just the opposite. What’s causing me to deserve an ass kicking over that? Because I asked? Because we disagree on other issues? What?

  15. Wow. And Wow.

    I was being snide. I was being sarcastic. You called me out on your blog. I answered. That Rosie the Riviter there is a Feminist icon, thus the “picking a fight” stuff. Regular readers of my blog know this tone. I also sent readers to your blog to continue the discussion.

    I think I continued the debate with you, and answered your questions on your blog.

  16. Laura (formerly Ms. Mama) says:

    Wow, I am still realing from reading Dani’s site and the links she has… That so many people can justify hitting their children in the name of “Jesus” is beyond me. This statement bugs me –

    “Even an 8 or 9 month old who can crawl and touch something dangerous is completely capable of understanding a pop on the hand each time she does so means no.” My daughter is 10 months and I can not imagine swatting her! I tell her “no” which she can understand – without teaching her that hitting is OK – and if she does it again I remove her from the situation. No need to “pop” her on the hand or the butt…

  17. Sweet girl, go check out my blog 🙂

  18. Dude. Yikes. I have not checked out all the links, but from what people are saying about that “Dani” link, I think I’d better not… I am horrified to hear that someone thinks there is justified hitting, especially of babies. Of course I know there are people out there who believe that – we were spanked growing up. But it didn’t help our relationships with our parents at all. We were raised in fear; that’s what hitting does. All sorts of bad things can come of that for kids later in life (and sometimes it doesn’t even take that long).

    I don’t get how someone can’t see the difference between a doll and a war toy. Blows my mind.

  19. I stopped by her blog and left my two cents. These situations just further strengthen my Atheist beliefs. Geez. I need a drink now. 😛

  20. Queen (notice I’m addressing YOU, my dear) –

    I do believe our panties are in a bunch. OUR being the collective here, though the picker of the panties seems to think that all of this backlash is unwarranted.

    Not so.

    When you call someone out in a blog, you can expect …. well just what she got. She seems to have decided she didn’t want it because she is vehemently defending herself by posing threads to everyone who comments. Sure, she had some things to say, but her references were weak and her arguments off-mode (might I remind that I read papers for a living and let readers know when they’ve missed the mark? – The mark there. It was missed.)

    I’m sensing the ass-kicking comes in when (and you’ve already stated this on her blog) you realized that she meant to pick a fight with an unseen enemy. Clearly, you were not it, though you seem to have a target on yourself.

    So…. quit wearing those white panties with the big red target on the back, ok? I’ve told you before, panties are overrated.

    *in case you cannot INFER my tone – it’s ALL SARCASTIC. Perhaps the funny bone needs mending.

  21. I’m totally going commando from here on out. Except, of course, when I bust out the pink panties at Blogher.

    I tried to be sarcastic with this whole blog battle thing, too. I guess I needed to do a * like Mocha. 😉

  22. um, i couldn’t read that. she needs to pay attention to her sidebar code. and how could anything bother you anyway? you’re the queen, duh.

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