It’s Raining, It’s Pouring and Mommy is very Boring

Yesterday I was forgetting to sunscreen the kids and baking my prodigies as we ran through our favorite park.

Today…the wettest Spring in Southern California has once again emerged. Just when you thought it was safe to break out the sidewalk chalk, the heavens opened and I am again at a loss with what to do with these children.

I’m tapped out. I’m not the creative/crafty Mom type anyway. So give me my usual handful of bad weather days around here and I will run the gamete of “movie marathon,” “color/finger paint/stamp fun,” “clean, cook, and do laundry with Mommy,” or the really popular “here, have this toy while Mommy blogs” game.

The good news is our garden and plants are loving this mild weather. Normally it’s nothing but scorching heat and wind. I’m having to trim my vines weekly they are growing so fast with all this rain.

We’ve been to the mall. We’ve hit the stores, grocery and otherwise. And the Count has taken to impaling an apple with a garlic press for entertainment. That’s where we are at people. Fruit is being mutilated.

Oh, the humanity.

I’m open to rainy weather suggestions…but if anyone says “Chuck E… ” or suggests a craft-I’m banishing you from my blogroll.


  1. Play-Doh, Legos, books, tickle fights, chasing the cats and hugging them against their will, coloring, making cookies, taking walks in the rain… those are some of the ways we’ve been coping. Although I am totally with you – running out of ideas too, and Sweet Pea is having to find more things to do by herself while I write e-mail or blog or generally space out. Good luck and let me know if you come up with any new and exciting ideas.

  2. Hmm- rainy days are a tough one. I used to work at Chuck E.’s lol- can you imagine that? I was 16 and my mother MADE ME. I swear. She made me. Yes, I dressed up as the rat.

  3. If I had a good answer for that do you think I would be reading blogs?

  4. We like to stand together facing the same direction when it is raining.

  5. I think mutilating fruit is a lovely way to pass time. 🙂

  6. Mall play areas? Indoor children’s museums?

    Indoor picnic in the living room? Marshmallow fight?

  7. i’m not a real creative mommy type, either… so sorry, but no suggestions you haven’t gotten already. Hey! How about Chuck E. Cheese’s (heh heh heh)!
    No, but really… build a fort? paint each other’s toenails? let the kids put make-up on you?

  8. That last ‘paint your toenails’ rings a bell. Beauty parlor was a favourite to play with my girls. Mommay lay on the floor–we can do that here easy cos there’s no carpet–and they put goo on my face, water on my hair. Boy what fun, & i enjoyed a quiet snooze 🙂

  9. Hi,

    I have one that works evey time. Put all you dining room chairs on their sides, and near the table. Then bring out sheets and blankets and put them over the top. It’s a “fort” and they’ll stay in there and play, and eat – it will keep them busy for hours.


  10. Easy. 3 Martini Play-Date. 🙂

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