A hippo diet update

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I’m walking. Nevermind the construction on my paseo path (that’s sidewalk for you nonValencia folk).

Easter candy for a week not helping my hippo ass-Today starts anew with the diet. But I have one, very serious question…

How many Weight Watcher points in ejaculation?


  1. I’m going with zero points. And if anyone out there has a different answer, keep it to yourself.


  2. I am so revolted right now, but cracking up, of course. HA HA HA!

    Sweet Pea is asking me to print the star at the top of your page.

    I forgot to qualify my comment last week that your blog is a family blog – that only holds true, obviously, until Sweet Pea can read! ha ha!

  3. We’re going to put those starts on some shirts here soon.

  4. I think it all depends on what the kaiser has been eatting!! haha!

  5. Violet, of course this is a family blog! How do you think families get started? 😉

    Hmmm…I’m gonna say 0 points, because any, um, activity points you may have earned cancelled it out.

    New diet here for me, too. Damn Cadbury caramel eggs.

  6. Oh.My.God…I laughed my ass off at this, but only because my husband and I had the exact same conversation last night!!! Let me know when you find the magic answer!

  7. Christina, good point. Hee! And I’m with you on the WW points – surely the activity points would cancel out any ejaculation points – if indeed there are any, which the Kaiser apparently vehemently denies. If he’s right, then Queen, I think you’ve earned yourself some bonus points that you can use later in the week (or immediately postcoitally if you like – after-sex ice cream, anyone? I mean REAL ice cream, of course. I once saw a thing on the tube about a woman who collected semen and kept it in her fridge and drank it like milk… first thing in the morning and everything… can you imagine? Excuse me while I go barf).

  8. All I know is, it’s very rich in protien…

  9. I KNEW I wasn’t the only one wondering.

    And I’m serious. Anyone know a WW person? I mean…I am that serious about counting my points. Although measuring is out of the question here…

  10. Well…each teaspoon has about 5 calories…(I…um….looked it up, once…shut up)

    Don’t trust a man’s answer, though…ANY man. They will lie.

  11. It’s negative points because of all of the excercize involved. Duh.

    Besides, good deeds don’t have calories.

  12. Not to rain on any parades…but to…ingest semen(we are talking stomach, right?) it doesn’t take a lot of….physical exertion, ya know? Does it? So its not like you are buring a ton of energy here…lol

    (the word verification for this comment, however DOES require a fair amount of physical exertion…’vmwoidti’ HOLY SHIT!)

  13. I don’t know, if I am really into it, I can work up a pretty good sweat 🙂

    I guess if you were really concerned about the calorie/point content you could always, you know, not…swallow.

    Just tell him you’re saving your points for an oatmeal cookie or something.

  14. Personally I’d go for the oatmeal cookie.

    As for the physical exertion, for some reason I was figuring there was more active fun included in the LERRRV (that is, “love” pronounced funny and extended for more amusement factor) session either before or after the BJ.

    So, Queen, in your next post, you can elaborate for us on whether in your & the Kaiser’s apparently rabbit-inspired sex life a BJ is just a BJ, or if it is preceded and/or followed by a fabulous high-wire or acrobatic sex act of the more traditional variety (i.e. involving bumping uglies – which, I agree, is an awful expression since it is negative about the sex organs, but it sure sounds funny, doesn’t it?).

    I mean, come on, if we’re to help you with this Weight Watchers conundrum, you’ll really have to share more information on actual energy spent and that sort of thing.

    What? What did I say? You’re kicking me out? Oh come on, it’s not like I asked you to set up webcams or anything!

    Tee hee. Okay, back to MY life – gotta wash the dishes. Hubby’s still at work (at a quarter to 10pm). sigh.

  15. the WW in my office are saying that a single point is akin to a teaspoon of apple butter, so i’d say you’re not even using up a whole point when you’re smoking the meat pipe.

    and, just because i’m a compulsive total nerd, the noun of ejaculation is “ejaculate.” ahem. the second ‘a’ is soft. sorry. i really can’t help it.

  16. I don’t know how on Earth I missed the last line of this post…but I’m now choking with laughter.

    I’m starting my kick-ass diet and was trying to find the post of your before pic, to reference on my blog and ended up here.

    How did I miss the word ejaculation here? Seriously, I’m laughins so GD hard my co-workers are staring at me!

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