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by Sarah of Sarah and the Goon Squad

Do you want to hear what pisses me off about Weight Watchers?
The answer is probably no, but I am going to tell you anyway because this is my guest post dammit.
First I would like to say that I think overall Weight Watchers is a wonderful program. It is a nice healthy way to lose weight and it can lead to a healthy life style if you have more willpower than I do. Having someone else weight you every week is a brilliant way to shame people into eating better and the program teaches you to be aware of what and how much you are eating and how bad for you some things really are. But I digress.
I go to the meetings, which are sometimes quite helpful. But the crowd (and I am not basing this on a single WW experience. I have been to different meetings in different cities) generally seems to focus on eating alternates to candy. Or how much and what kind of ice cream is low in points. Or cookies.
Holy fuck people. Sweets aren’t my problem. If your only problem is eating too much candy then you really don’t need Weight Watchers do you? No. Just eat less candy, and weigh yourself in front of a friend each week.
My problem is manyfold. I like french fries and fried chicken and bacon and cheeseburgers and mashed potatoes and biscuits… you get my point. Let’s have a meeting about how the best method for not eating every french fry on the plate. Let’s talk about how to stop after two pieces of pizza. Let’s discuss -� Wait – Ian just walked by with no pants or diaper on. I’ll be right back…
Okay. What was I saying? Ah yes. Let’s discuss how a person can make chicken nuggets for their children and not consume the uneaten ones after the kids are done with dinner. I also have a problem not finishing everything on my plate. I blame my mother.
And let’s not forget the most important one. Beer. And wine. And tequila, specifically in margaritas (which I think is five points for a small one – not the El Presidente). Can I get a meeting a month on low point drinks. Or great ideas like “I don’t open a beer until two minutes into the second quarter and it really seems to help”.
Maybe Weight Watchers needs separate meetings, one for the chocoholics and one with an expert bartender with great tip on low point drinks.
Speaking of great tips. A Becks Light is only one point (wink) I’ve got your back.


  1. My advice: rum and Diet Coke. 1.5 points. 🙂

  2. Totally true!

  3. First of all…it makes me smile really big to read Sarah type “Holy Fuck” since she can’t do that as freely over at the Goon Squad.

    Second of all…even when I find stuff that is low points, I still eat the hell out of it. Take the snackwell’s devil’s food cookie. A box in one sitting. Easy.

  4. Nonnie-aka linda says:

    Hey you think like me….Can I be your friend.
    I really adore your accent “Holy fuck” Now thats a language!!

  5. Ha ha ha, great post! Very Queen-esque as per the requirement, AND I learned something new! I’m surprised that WW is so sugar-cheat-centric and doesn’t focus on the other stuff so much.

    I hope you found Ian’s pants and/or diaper easily and quickly… Hee hee!

    Hey, check out my verification code; it goes along with the earlier sex posts!


  6. If you don’t make Sarah the winner, I’ll break. Your. Arm.


  7. I can SO relate to all of that, LOL.. and now I’m also thinking about all of the margaritas that I’ve been consuming lately.. ack!

    Erin, did you go way blonde??? You hawt mama!

  8. Sarah, how many points are in that beer you are holding in the photo??

    The key is…if you drink ENOUGH beer…you don’t give a flying shit about points.

  9. 3 Hail Mary’s and pass the bacon!

  10. I guess you missed my “Hand me the keys you fucking cocksucker” post back in December.

    But then again – you already knew I was a potty mouth.

  11. Emily – I would only count two. I think it was a Miller Lite.

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