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  1. Anything for you, babe. Anything. You have helped reinforce my belief of what it means to be a feminist and it’s all about support.

    Now, where can I get that t-shirt that Princess Peanut is wearing? 😉

  2. The funny thing is, I’ve only checked your blog a few times (but will continue to do so more often now). Something drew me to it that day. And I haven’t stopped thinking about it. I even read it to my mother this weekend who dropped her jaw in amazement. You have a lot of company here beyond that list above.


    for all your feminist baby/kid/mom needs.

    they really should advertise with me

  4. Erin, I was more than happy to stand up for what I believe in. Even my mother read your blog and my blog and told me she was proud of all the women who raise their babies at home and wished that society didn’t make it so hard for some women who have to work. (My mom is a Catholic, Republican, Conservative who “doesn’t believe in Feminism.” That’s another story.)

    Would it be bad to buy a Feminist shirt for Dawson? Maybe I should consider having a girl next!

  5. Thank YOU. Really.

    Solidarity, sistah!

  6. No, no…thank YEEEEWWWWWWWW!

    We are gonna have soooo much fun this July!

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