We’re nudists, apparently

Can those of you with older children please explain the whole “kids love to be naked” thing to me?

I am convinced my children will spend this summer naked.

Yesterday was our first official day in our pool, and both kids ended up naked from about 2pm to bedtime. It was hot, sure. At one point, they were wet. But really, they just LOOOOVE being naked.

As we know, Count Waffles has found those boys parts (this week’s discoveries include: “I have one, TWO balls, Mommy!”)

And Princess Peanut actually lifts her shirt and flashes anyone and everyone. Yes, yes, like mother, like daughter. Go ahead, tell me I deserve it.

Last summer, my brother’s girlfriend had dinner with us one night and declared “Oh! I’ve never seen the Count with pants on!”

Add in potty training this summer, and well…um…I can’t imagine she’ll see him with pants this year, either.

I really don’t care if my kids are naked all the time. But I think our guests do. Especially when the Count declares “My Penis is long again! Oh, wait…now it’s short. OH! It’s LONG again!”


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  1. No kids yet, but I have a niece and nephew (not siblings) who lock themselves away from prying eyes and get naked.

    In my day that would be an ass-whoopin’ from my repressive stalwart Catholic parents. I hear the new age approach is something about the normality of these things.

  2. Mine can now say “NAKED TIME!” and do every single day after their bath.

  3. My little guy is similar in age to the count and has pleaded for “naked day” at preschool. (Like pajama day, only without the pjs.) I guess clothes are just so limiting.

  4. LMAO! At least he’s proud of what he’s got!

    I know I will be in the same situation as you. My 6 month old looooves to be naked…she will scream bloody murder until we strip her down, then she’s happy as can be.

    Can we start a Blogging Nudist Colony?

  5. Hee hee heeeeeeeee! Sweet Pea does not like clothes unless she is cold. Thankfully, she will keep her diaper on, though. Since she’s not actively potty training anymore (grump). But everyone has gotten used to seeing her in just a diaper when they’re at our house. When we go out, she wears clothes.

    And after her bath, whether or not Daddy is home and sitting in the living room, she MUST run out to the living room naked and yell, “I’M ALL NAKED!” They just know instinctively somehow that it’s funny! hee hee! I know *I* laugh every time. Thereby perpetuating the behavior, I know. But it’s just so darn cute.

  6. The kids have to keep their underwear on, otherwise the diaper-clad one wants her diaper off. I clean up enough bodily fluid as it is.

    Seeing as we’re a mere 300 miles from the Canadian border – outdoor nakedness only happens a few months out of the year. Indoor, though – that’s what the fireplace is for.

    Oh, and the Boy has a new trick – peeing outside. Fun!

  7. I think we are just far more removed from the uterus, where we had no clothing. They still have something in their brains that remembers that time, and still want to be naked and enjoy all the freedom of not having anything around them.

    Cordy loves to be naked, and will often lift her dress to show off her belly and chest.

    My friend with the 3 year old had a horrible time last summer, when he decided he was a nudist. It wouldn’t have been so bad, but he was an un-potty-trained nudist, which led to some real messes. She had to use duct tape to keep his diaper on him.

  8. There is just no explaining it. Kids and clothes don’t mix well here either.
    Depending on who is over, I just let them be free in the confines of our own yard/home.

  9. I don’t know why they love it so much, but I can tell you that I never outgrew the phase myself. To me, there is nothing more liberating then the 4am milk, from the carton, naked fridge visit.

    There has been many a time that the neighbours have recieved a full on girly show with the naked vacuuming and laundry.

    But there has never been naked bacon cooking, too date.

    It’s funny though, I can’t stand cool air on my skin when I am sleeping, and I snooze all snuggled in with the blankets around my head. Must be some sort of childhood thing.

    No pants day for everyone!

  10. My kids are all about being naked, too.
    But, oddly enough, it disturbs my daughter to see me undressed or even in my underwear. I must look worse than I thought…lol

    PS: I’m here from “A Mommy Story”. Christina said such nice things about you so I had to visit 🙂

  11. The weather is warming up here and the clothes are coming off… Lil’ M is enthralled by his penis, testicles and butt and loves to mention away! Pretty soon I will be in the same situation as you because it won’t be about words anymore and it will be all about show and tell!

    Loved the post! I am still laughing as is the Loverboy!

  12. All this sort of thing does is make me wonder when I’m going to move in with your family and PRAY that the rest of you run around naked and declare things about your bodies.

  13. Maybe you could keep on the tiniest underpants–G-string type? :-)In our warm climate kids usually ran around with only underpants.

  14. btw i wanted to comment on your blogher story. How can i

  15. I don’t have children but, I do come from a large family and have brothers quite a bit younger than I am. I know that “naked age” is very common around The Counts age but #1) it is embarrassing when, as a teenager, your brother is naked in front of your friends and #2) its disturbing when you see that your brother has, um, noticed that his, um, *part* fits into things…like an empty shampoo bottle.

    Sigh! Good luck with Naked Age. I’ve been told that duct tape is WONDERFUL or, my Mothers favorite, putting the diaper on backwards.

  16. Ohhhh, that is some cute nakedness!! I miss baby butts. Now if I happen to catch a glimpse of anything South of the Equator, my boys shriek with indignation. I’m not allowed to say “But I’ve seen your penis 100 times” anymore.

  17. I think it’s cute that the kids like being naked, but I can see your concern with what your guests might wonder. 😛 I can’t let Dawson be naked too long before he pees on something or someone. Now I’m giggling at this thought.

  18. My boys are starting kindie next year, and I am terrifed they’ll be going to class wearing nothing but their sneakers…

    Kids are weird…(Hell, my 8 y/o daughter still runs around in her underpants…wtf)

  19. I remember when my son was much younger, starting at about 1 1/2 until about 4. He took advantage of every opportunity to get naked.
    He would run around the house laughing.

    One night when visiting my parents, it got late and he had just gotten a bath. Before my now ex could get him dressed he escaped out of the bathroom. Here comes a naked laughing two year old down the stairs, around the corner of the couch – leaping up and landing right on the arm of my sister-in-law. My brother and I were rolling on the floor from the terrified look on my siter-in-laws face from having a naked toddler stradling her arm.

    Little ones can get away with it cause they are cute…

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